Chrissy Lampkin working on self control

    It is an all-too-familiar scene on reality television: two women of color engaged in a physical altercation over rumors, jealousy or in the case of Chrissy Lampkin and Kimberly “Kimbella” Vanderhee, revelations concerning an ex. 

    During the premiere episode of “Love & Hip-Hop,” which was previewed during a press dinner in New York City at Pranna, fans will witness Chrissy attack Kimbella who reveals to Emily Bustamante that she dated rapper Fabolous. Kimbella claims she was unaware that Emily was pregnant with Fabolous’ son at the time, but Chrissy wasn’t excusing Kimbella’s actions.

    When addressing the audience about her behavior, Chrissy admitted her need for greater maturity.

    “I’m human and I love hard. I saw my friend being hurt and that’s what I reacted to. I know it’s about self control and I’m working on it. I’m not happy about it but it happened so I’m moving on,” she said.

    For executive producer, Mona Scott-Young the incident is not indicative of the show’s portrayal of women of color but instead captures the flaws of real women.

    “It’s hard to lay out your life and emotions. Sometimes we can second-guess ourselves with cameras not in our faces but in the heat of the moment, you react in a human way. We all do things that we don’t believe in. I think Chrissy has been great about opening up to everything she’s done.”

    One area where Chrissy isn’t so candid is the status of her relationship with Jim Jones. Chrissy was seen flashing a huge diamond ring on her finger, which many believed to be a sign that the two are now married. However, they would not confirm or deny the speculation, due to contractual reasons.

    While Chrissy may or may not have a marriage contract, the first episode finds singer Olivia Longott seemingly more focused than ever to secure a major record label deal.

    “I would love to stay independent but it takes a lot of money to do an R&B album and that was the biggest issue. This time around I can do the type of music I want to do.  When I was on J Records I did what they told me and with G-Unit I had to fit in with the group.  Now I can give the music I’ve always wanted to make,” she said.

    While viewers will have to tune in to see if she secures a major deal, her manager, Rich Dollaz did accidentally inform us that she is set to sign an endorsement deal with liquor brand Don Julio. 

    The premiere also included Somaya Reece, still struggling to launch her career and not lose her sole investor.  Newcomer Yandy Smith, a manager for past and present acts such as Jim Jones, Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes, made her debut on the show. While Yandy initially comes across as a neutral force, the super-trailer hints at drama between her, Jim and Chrissy developing soon. 

    One of the projects Mona noted that she hopes to develop includes spin-offs and franchises.

    “We are very excited about franchises and would love to branch out to different cites. I’d love a Jim and Chrissy spin-off somewhere, so of course we want to build a franchise.”




    See photos from the premiere screening below.

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