‘RHOA’ recap: 11.14.11

    NeNe Leakes was a popular topic at Kim Zolciak’s birthday party and Cynthia Bailey got catty on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

    Welcome to Haterville! Yes, if you didn’t know, Atlanta has now gotten a new name. Maybe all the criticism is why NeNe decided to take off for Miami for a girls’ weekend with Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss.

    Kandi was just as surprised as we were to be invited along, but she packed her bags to soak up some sun and sip on some tasty cocktails. Honestly, we can’t blame her.  Who’s about to turn down a trip to Miami?! Granted her last trip with NeNe didn’t go so well, but everyone deserves a second chance—especially if they’re offering to make amends on a fabulous vacation.

    NeNe, Cynthia and Kandi didn’t know the whole city of Miami was in on the idea of a girls’ weekend as the trio had inadvertently chosen Lesbian Pride Weekend for its excursion. "There wasn’t a man for miles," Cynthia said. "Maybe we’ll run into Kim and DJ Tracy." Ok, Cynthia! We see you. She did warn "RHOA" fans that she would be a little more outspoken this season.

    Although NeNe has dubbed Atlanta "Haterville", she definitely ordered up a side of Hater Tots at dinner. She talked about her argument with Sheree, speculating that Kim was instigating the tension between them. We couldn’t help but notice that NeNe kept saying she didn’t feel like talking about her former frienemies as she continued to talk about them.

    Still, on a beach full of women, the Atlanta Housewives managed to scope out some men to play with…literally. The ladies played frisbee with a couple of guys, who seemed to take quite a bit of interest in NeNe. The recently separated reality star wasn’t interested. Dare we say she even seemed timid?! Hmmm…is NeNe shy in Miami?

    Possibly, but NeNe also admitted that she still sort of looks over shoulder for her estranged hubby Gregg Leakes.

    After leaving the beach, NeNe took Cynthia and Kandi to look at some property, including a $9 million. Hey! She told Sheree, "I’m rich," so maybe she can afford such an expensive abode. Kandi doubted it, though, and she expressed those concerns after leaving the chic mansion.

    Back in Atlanta, Phaedra Parks was researching how to start her own boutique funeral home—you know aside from a slightly longer skirt. Apparently knee caps are sexy! We learn something new from Phaedra every episode.

    While the lawyer seemed excited about the prospect of a new business venture that could keep her family paid, her husband Apollo was less enthused. In fact, Apollo downright refused to get involved in the would-be family business. 

    Elsewhere in Atlanta, Kroy Biermann was planning a spectacular 33rd birthday for his now-wife, Kim Zolciak. At eight months pregnant, she wasn’t able to drink alcohol, so Kim didn’t feel like it was much of a celebration.

    Still Kroy pulled together some nice surprises for his favorite gal. Not only did he present her with a very expensive bracelet that she’d been wanting, but he was sweet enough to gather all of her nearest and dearest friends for a surprise party at her house.

    But if it was a party to celebrate another one of Kim’s birthdays why in the world were they talking about NeNe? Well without drinks maybe Kim wanted to indulge in some catty girl talk. They went all the way in on NeNe and accused Cynthia of not having a back bone because of their close friendship.

    Before they spent too much more time talking about Kim’s nemesis, Kroy sent his boo to get a massage. Then he faced the firing squad of her cast mates, who all wanted to know when he was going to put a ring on it and what his long-term plans for Kim were. All we’ll say is that we hope Kim likes Montana!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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