Sherri Shepherd searching for surrogate

    Now that Sherri Shepherd is happily married, the mother of one is looking to provide her son with a sibling or two, but she’s not doing it the old-fashioned way.

    “We have a fertility appointment next week, so if your uterus is free I’m looking for somebody to carry my eggs and his sperm,” Sherri joked with an “Access Hollywood” reporter.

    The 44-year-old apparently had difficulty with her previous pregnancies. Reportedly, her son Jeffery was originally a twin, but Sherri miscarried the child that would have been her daughter, a source close to the family told the National Enquirer.

    Her son Jeffery was three months premature and spent months in neonatal intensive care.

    That would be a bit much for any mother to handle, and with a surrogate, the pregnancy and delivery might be smoother this time around.

    Health isn’t the couple’s only concern. Since her hubby, Lamar Sally, isn’t currently employed, Sherri’s reluctant to take maternity leave from her job co-hosting “The View.”

    “If Sherri got pregnant she would probably have to be on bed rest for most of the time,” said the friend. “Since she is the only one working right now, they could not financially afford to do that.”

    While many celebrities opt to adopt children, Sherri and Sal prefer to be the biological parents of their next child, who Sherri described as “our little petri dish baby.”

    Sherri talks about her friendship with Niecy Nash and her pregnancy plans below. Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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