Tyrese talks to independent women

    Tyrese is advising women to not be so independent that they wind up by themselves.

    The house you live in? You bought it. The car you’re driving? You bought it. The shoes on your feet? You bought them. There’s nothing wrong with depending on yourself and being proud of your accomplishments, but Tyrese warns that quality when mixed with a healthy dose of "I don’t need nobody" could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Tyrese sat down with NecoleBitchie.com to explain that it’s important to know how to be independent and available. "I want to say to all the women out there, especially Black women in particular, y’all are on this independent kick. ‘I don’t need no man. I’m independent,’" he said. "I want y’all to know the difference."

    Don’t misunderstand: Tyrese said that men want a woman that’s got a little something going for herself. It’s an attractive quality. "We don’t want a woman that’s [depending on] her sexy and nice body to help her get through life," Tyrese told NecoleBitchie.com. "You just want to be sexy and free-load….nobody wants that as a man."

    On the flip side, the "Stay" singer advises that a woman shouldn’t scare men off with her independence. "Some women are so on this independent kick they end up alone," he said. "You’re going to independent your way into loneliness."

    Ty doesn’t place the blame for seemingly perpetual singledom on women, though. "I know it’s a lot of men out here that are playing on both sides of the fence. It’s confusing, and it’s a lot of homosexuality going on out here," he acknowledged. "I get it. It’s a lot of frustration that women have."

    The Open Invitation singer told women not to give up hope because there are still good dudes available. "There’s a lot of man’s men still left," he reassured. "We’re out here; we’re waiting; we’re wanting; we desire you just like you desire us. Just don’t give up on us…stay. That’s why I wrote the song."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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