‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 11.15.11

    Benched: Jackie Christie

    MVP: Kimsha Artest

    T-Shirt Line: "I don’t have time for that."

    Jackie Christie faced the firing squad and Gloria Govan packed up her relationship on the season finale of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    What. A. Trainwreck.

    Kimsha was not having it when she came back from out of town! She’d spent the summer traveling all over the country having dinner with family. Apparently Kimsha and her people had been getting their grub this summer!

    It seems the missing Basketball Wife had gotten back to Los Angeles just in time to be Jackie Christie’s shoulder to cry on. With the rest of the cast kicking her out of Hawaii (which still baffles us), Jackie was short on on-screen friends, and it didn’t look like Kimsha was all that interested in sticking around too much longer to be her ally.

    As Jackie was rehashing all the drama that had gone down in L.A.–a lengthy venture to say the least–we could literally see Kimsha’s eyes glazing over. There was too much cattiness to handle for one conversation! At 12 hourlong episodes, it was almost too much for the viewers.

    "Y’all grown women, and y’all need to come together," Kimsha said  "I’m tired of seeing women going back and forth, fighting.

    As Jackie was pleading her case to a disinterested Kimsha, Laura Govan was breaking some exciting news to the others while getting some shoes made.

    Laura announced that she had decided to move to Orlando, so that her kids could be closer to their father, Gilbert Arenas. We know now that Laura and Gilbert have gotten back together, but did their reunion happen before or after the move?

    Afterall, Laura did joke about the girls either being at her wedding or giving her a place to stay if "this sh!t doesn’t work out!"


    The eruption in Hawaii also seems to have warranted a new photo shoot for Jackie’s fashion line. Although she once had Draya Michele model her pieces, their falling out had Jackie calling in a whole new crew for a re-do.

    Jackie got new models, a new location and a new support system, as both her husband Doug Christie and Kimsha were onhand for the shoot. But perhaps it would have been better for Doug to be a silent partner as Jackie really didn’t seem to appreciate his creative suggestions.

    Was she getting jealous? We hope not.


    While Laura might be moving to be closer to her man, her sister Gloria Govan was packing up to leave her babydaddy Matt Barnes.

    Matt obviously doesn’t want her to leave because he just got to a place where he wants to officially settle down with Gloria. It might be a case of too little, too late for Gloria, who actually shut the door on their relationship.

    It wasn’t clear at the beginning of the episode whether the pair was just taking a little break from one another (they were moving into separate houses), or whether  this was the end of their love. But as soon as the lock clicked in the door, it was obvious that this was a breakup.

    That didn’t keep Gloria from trying to get out of the there with a parting gift, though.


    No "Basketball Wives: LA" episode would be complete without some sort of group confrontation, and last night’s showdown was the one to end them all!

    Jackie was yet again being called before the firing squad to answer for all the rumors she’d supposedly been spreading about her cast mates. The women even put it all out on the table as they wrote down what Jackie has said to, and about, each one of them.

    Clearly, the queen bee of "BBW: LA" was not in a winning position, but she didn’t seem to acknowledge that. Instead of  addressing each of the allegations directly, she tried to dictate how the conversation was going to go.

    Exhausted with Jackie’s shenanigans the group broke up with her. No…seriously. They broke up with her.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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