‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 11.15.11

    Chrissy Lampkin lost her cool on the season 2 premiere of "Love & Hip Hop." Why’s she mad?!

    The season opened with Jim Jones and  Chrissy Lampkin making their way to the Diamond District, where we thought he was finally going to get her an engagement.  The love birds had been betrothed for months and Jim had yet to put a ring on it. What’s the hold up?!

    Oh, but no. Jim and Chrissy weren’t shopping for her ring, they had to replace his. Why?  HE LOST IT!!! Yes, Jim lost his engagement ring, which Chrissy had painstakingly designed. It’s no clear what happened to the ring, but she’s not feeling good about having to get him ring number two, when she has yet to get some bling on her ring finger.

    For the record, Jim does think that his girl deserves a ring. "She’s been with me, through thick and thin," he said, failing to mention a reason as to why she still doesn’t have one. When he gets ready to get it for her, though, picking one out should be easy.

    Just like Chrissy made moves to propose to Jim, it looks like she’s also sizing up a stone for the ring that Jim will eventually get her. In the mean time,  Chrissy left the store with some "pain killers." And no, we don’t mean that she bought some aspirin. These painkillers are little flashier than you might find at the drug store.

    The relationship between Chrissy and Jim’s mom Nancy doesn’t look like it’s gotten any better. Not only does Mama Jones still see Chrissy as "just the girlfriend," she even made a diss track about her!  What? It was therapeutic.

    These two need to find some way to get along because they both love Jimmy, but there’s some disagreement about who should be #1 in his heart. Chrissy, who aims to marry Jim at some point, thinks he needs to stick up for her a little more. Nancy, on the other hand, still feeling very disrespected with the whole way Chrissy and Jim got engaged.

    Somehow, Mama Jones actually thinks Jim will like the song. Maybe it’s best to let her believe that.


    While Nancy was in the studio hatin’, Chrissy was showing support for another woman in Jim’s life: His manager Yandy Smith, who had just released a jewelry line. Chrissy brought Olivia and Emily Bustamente along for a Yandy’s jewelry party, where Chrissy had quite a bit to say about model Kimbella (aka Juelz Santana’s girlfriend)…even though she’d never really met her before.

    What was Chrissy’s problem? Kimbella’s booty shorts. Maybe Chrissy was having a hard time keeping her attitude in check because Olivia had to remind her to be nice. The "December" singer knows trouble when she sees it!

    If anyone should have a reason to be salty with the scantily clad newbie, it’s Emily because Fabolous cheated on her with Kimbella! To be fair, Kimbella didn’t know Fab was with Emily at the time.

    It was kind of funny to see Kimbella catch herself before she mentioned their involvement.  But we definitely saw the Kimbella did the math in her head lightning quick, and we commend her for thinking about how to break the news directly to Emily before the stylist heard it from someone else.


    Well, as we assumed, Jim and  Chrissy weren’t exactly feeling Mama Jones’ diss track.  But let’s get dow to what everyone really cares about: the fight!

    Emily was having a girls’ night in to celebrate her new-found independence. The drinks were flowing, the chatter was pleasant up, Yandy even raised a toast to the stylist. All in all, it was shaping up to be a good night—or at least it was until Chrissy noticed how quiet Kimbella was being.

    That’s when Kimbella dropped the bomb that she’d been involved with Fab while Emily was carrying his child. Notice: Somaya Reece didn’t go to comfort Emily because Emily seemed unfazed. She knows that Fab wasn’t the most faithful man while they were together, so this may not have come as a huge shock. In fact, Emily handled the news in a very cool, mature way. 

    Chrissy? Not so much.  We understand that Kimbella wanted to be upfront with Emily. No one wants another you’re-a-non-mother-f*cking-factor moment a la "Basketball Wives," so this was a good way to head off that prospective drama. Chrissy just thought Kimbella was being catty and insensitive.

    Then things got ugly as Chrissy got into it with Kimbella and told her and Yandy to leave. How’s Chrissy going to kick somebody out of someone else’s party?! How does that work?


    That’s when Chrissy sucker punched Kimbella. There’s nothing else to say. 

    Well almost: Kimbella may not have landed to many of her own punches, but she came away with a handful of Chrissy’s weave. Ok now there’s nothing else to say.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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