Patti LaBelle sued for dousing a child

    While fans would probably expect a lawsuit filed against Patti LaBelle as a result of the diva kicking off her shoes while onstage—Lord only knows if anyone has ever been injured by a stiletto to the temple—but it’s water that’s likely got the “New Attitude” singer wishing she had adjusted hers.

    Apparently, Patti was perturbed that a mother left her 18-month-old child somewhat unattended in a New York apartment building lobby.

    Patti made it known that she thought Roseanne Monk should be paying more attention to her child. Although the mother was struggling with luggage and a car seat at the time, Patti didn’t let up, according to the Associated Press.

    According to the lawsuit, instead of lending a helping hand to the mother, Patti began to curse at her and emptied about half a bottle of water on the two.

    Reportedly, the Monks would have been satisfied with an apology and a donation to children’s cancer research, but Patti didn’t respond to their requests.

    “Someone’s got to teach her even a diva can’t attack and frighten and assault regular people in the building,” the Monks’ lawyer said in a statement.

    At this time, it’s unclear how much the Monks are suing for.


    —Tracy L. Scott



    What do you think? Was Patti out of line, or was she just looking out for the best interest of the child? Leave your comments below.



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