Is Toni leaving ‘Braxton Family Values’?

    Towanda Braxton recently disputed rumors that sister Toni isn’t interested in continuing with “Braxton Family Values.”

    “Where’s that [rumor] coming from?” the sisters asked when the question was posed by Angela Yee of New York’s Power 105.1.

    “Toni is in every episode of the show,” Towanda assured. The series is one of the highest rated on WE tv, but despite the success the Braxton sisters have had musically and in the reality TV realm, the ladies aren’t doing very well when it comes to love.

    With the exception of Tamar and Traci’s marriages, the siblings admit to marital struggles, excluding Toni, who is divorced.

    If things continue on the path they’re on, Towanda might very well be the next to end her union with unemployed hubby Andre Carter.

    “I’m just trying to get it together. I’m a mess,” admitted Towanda, who’s currently in an open relationship. “An open relationship, for me, is when I don’t ask, and he don’t tell,” she explained.

    Although things may have changed by now in real life, fans of the show learned in the season 2 premiere that Towanda and Andre were living with Trina. The couple shares the same space, but that doesn’t mean the two are sharing a bed.

    “It’s been years since we actually did that,” Towanda said, referring to sex. For her physical satisfaction, she said she uses toys.

    Although Trina didn’t mention any problems in the bedroom, it seems her husband, Gabe Solis, is a bit paranoid about what she’s doing when he’s not around.

    “My husband put a phone tracker on my cell phone where he could check all my text messages and he could put a GPS system on there…. He has his own personal issues. He doesn’t trust himself, therefore, he doesn’t trust me,” said Trina, adding, “I should have had him arrested.”

    While Gabe has admitted to infidelity in his marriage, which is not an open one, Trina hasn’t given up yet.

    “Everybody has their breaking point, and for me, [infidelity] wasn’t my breaking point at the time. If everybody got divorced or separated because somebody cheated, nobody would be together,” Trina said.

    Tamar, who is happily married to her manager, Vince Herbert, is often silenced by her sisters when she voices her opinions about their romantic relationships; but she did get at least one sentence in edge-wise.

    “I do feel like my sister deserves better than that,” said Tamar.

    Watch more of the video below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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