EXCLUSIVE: Kimbella has a master’s degree

    Kimbella may have been pegged as a vapid model, but she’s got more going on upstairs than you might think.

    Kimbella has only one request: "Before you judge me, get to know me."

    Believe it or not, Kimbella’s a smart woman! The "Love & Hip Hop" newbie shared that folks often get the wrong impression because of her chosen profession.

    "I feel like a lot of people have a certain perception of me before they get to know me, and then they run off with that," Kimbella told S2S. "They run off with, ‘Oh, she was a video model. There’s no way she could be a positive, insightful, educated woman.’"

    Well, according to Kimbella, there’s more to her than a pretty face and curvy body. She’s got a fantastic mind, too!

    "People don’t know me. I have an education. I have a master’s degree," she revealed to S2S before running down a list of her other accomplishments. "I went to college. I worked in the pharmacy field before I got involved in modeling. I had a 9-to-5 executive job while I was modeling. Like nobody knows my background."

    Kimbella had also considered other jobs in the medical arena before settling on her previous track. "I started off really young working. By the time I was 17, I got into the pharmacy field and I loved it," she said. "Before that I was also thinking about becoming a veterinarian… I’m very educated and I always wanted to do very well for myself." The model, who has a child with Juelz Santana, also said that she’d even thought about becoming a midwife at one point.

    Ultimately, Kimbella found the allure of the lens to be irresistible, so she began modeling because she had a blast in front of the camera.

    "I started modeling because I felt like, ‘You know what? I like being in front of the camera! This is fun,’" Kimbella recalled. She always figured that she could go back to the pharmacy field when she was done posing. However, she’s been able to apply her book smarts to her current line of work. "I didn’t have anything bad happen to me while [modeling] because I was already business savvy."

    It might also help that Kimbella knows which part of her personality to bring to the set and the boardroom.

    "I have two different alter egos. There’s Kim and there’s Kimbella," she said. "Kim is the positive, laid-back, get-along-with-everybody type person. And Kimbella is the diva, who doesn’t take sh*t from anybody. Still positive, still about her business, but will not back down if there is a situation."

    Fortunately, we got Kim when we chatted with her, but as she laid it out to S2S, "You can either take Kim or you can take Kimbella. Whichever one you decide to bring out, that’s what you’re going to get."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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