Should your friends fight for you?

    Chrissy Lampkin admitted that punching Kimbella to defend Emily Bustamente wasn’t her finest moment. What do you think?

    Chrissy got so mad when Kimbella revealed that she dated Fabolous while Emily was pregnant with his child that she snapped.  Chrissy got more hype about the past infidelity than Emily did, and she eventually punched Kimbella.

    While we understand that Chrissy was just trying to stick up for her friend, we wanted to get your opinion. We asked our fans on Facebook: Was it Chrissy’s place to beat up Kimbella, if Emily was chill about the situation?

    Tiffani Felder thought Chrissy  "was doing what a real friend would do." Cassandra Reachingmygoal Gibson, agreed, "If My Friend was as Weak as Emily! Hell Yeah, I Would’ve Knocked That B!*ch Clean Out!"

    Donna Don-Don Mashburn thinks the fight was just a bit of quick karma for Kimbella, who she thinks was trying to stir up trouble. "Chrissy was just being a friend," Donna said. "Besides that broad didn’t tell Emily because she cared, she was being ugly! She’s no lady, a real woman would’ve waited or pulled her to the side."

    Even Charlamagne Tha God of Power 105.1’s "The Breakfast Club" completely sides with Chrissy. "The fade was warranted," he said when Kimbella and fellow "Love & Hip Hop" newbie Yandy Smith dropped by the station.

    "That’s just ignorance," said Kimbella, disagreeing with anyone who thinks that Chrissy’s explosive reaction was warranted. "I feel like, of course, people are going to have their own opinions. There’s going to be the mature opinion, and then there’s going to be the ignorant one."

    Although Kimbella understands the want to defend a friend, she wasn’t cool with Chrissy’s method  "There’s a way to stick up for your friend by not putting your hands on somebody," Kimbella said.

    "Go fight Fab. Fab is the one who did what he did," Kimbella suggested, adding that she was taking a lesson from the ladies of "Basketball Wives: Miami." "I was just trying to keep it real from the get go. I wasn’t going to go ahead and wait some time and do what Evelyn [Lozada] did."

    As Kimbella hinted, she may have known that what she was doing would make for good TV. As such, some feel that she wasn’t completely innocent in the situation just because of the way she broke the shocking news to Emily.

    "If she didn’t want them to react or get involved, she should have had a one on one with Em," Quinette Sanders said before noting that Kimbella’s confession still didn’t warrant such a violent reaction. "Should Chrissy have taken it to blows…no."

    Still, about half of you agree that violence was not the appropriate answer.

    "I wouldn’t want my friend attacking someone physically. I think she is a good friend to her girls but that anger can land her in hot water," Shevon Renee said of Chrissy’s actions. "Women need to understand it takes two people to cheat. I don’t see her beating up Fab. Kimbella was wrong for saying that in front of everyone."

    Keith Mitchell agreed, "That was between Emily & Kimbella. Chrissy had nothing to do with it."

    While many of you didn’t think Chrissy had a right to lay hands on Kimbella, you wouldn’t have blamed Emily for swinging on the video model.

    "Emily needs to learn how to open her damn mouth!" said Zakia S. Holly. "It should have been Em whoopin’ Kimbella’s azz. Chrissy went psycho only cuz she had misdirected anger. She knows she really wanted to kill Mama Jones, not Kimbella."

    "Emily should fight her own battle," said Sandra Davis, who felt that if Chrissy really felt the need to brawl, she should have been fighting her fiance. "Jim Jones told her he lost his ring! Is she that dumb he don’t want to marry her that’s the battle she need to be fighting HER OWN! #MINDYOURBUSINESS"

    Actually, a lot of S2S fans thought that Chrissy was fighting mad about another stressful situation and she just used Kimbella as a punching bag to blow off some steam. 

    Sherhonda Cooper believes that there "was more to it than what we saw," and Sonia Muzon thinks Chrissy flipped out due to misplaced anger. "I think Chrissy was acting out her frustrations towards Jim and his mom on Kimb," Sonia hypothesized.

    "Chrissy just wanted to attack somebody and since she could not attack mama Jones for that diss song she took it out on Kimbella," Kristina Renee’ Burton. "Although in my honest opinion she should have left it alone and let Emily handle it her own way."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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