Cynthia Bailey shows some backbone

    Cynthia Bailey snapped back at claims that she’s spineless and told Kim Zolciak to keep the model’s name out of her mouth!

    Don’t say Cynthia didn’t warn you! She may have been the cool quiet type last season on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but this time around all bets are off!

    After seeing Sunday’s episode of "RHOA," Cynthia wasn’t sweating not being invited to Kim’s surprise birthday bash. "I did not attend Kim’s birthday party, because I was not invited. We really don’t know each other that well, so it was no surprise not to get an invite," Cynthia wrote in her Bravo blog. "Those special moments should be reserved for your closest friends and family. I can respect that, and I wish her a happy birthday all the same."

    Although the model wasn’t there, she was definitely on everyone’s lips, as the others accused her of having no backbone because she’s closer to NeNe Leakes than anyone else in the cast.

    "I was a little surprised that on such a joyous occasion my name even came up. I thought the way the girls talked about NeNe was mean and offensive, " Cynthia stated before expressing that the catty chatter was just messy. "The use of the B word and speaking in such a negative manner in front of children at a birthday celebration was just irresponsible."

    And Cynthia had a few choice words for the birthday girl, reminding everyone of her co-star’s past with Big Poppa. "Kim doesn’t seem to think I have a backbone because I’m friends with NeNe," the model wrote. "I have enough of a backbone to respect the union of marriage and not date another woman’s husband. Or did we forget about that?"

    Just for good measure, Cynthia added, "Rest assured, I have a backbone and very beautiful cheek bones to go with it." 

    In Cynthia’s opinion, she’s got too many good things to enjoy and too much going on with her life to spend time focusing on people that are ultimately non-factors to her. She doesn’t see the need in expending her energy on such negativity.

    "At the end of the day, it’s so easy to be nasty, and that takes very little effort and zero talent. Calling other women the B word all day has to be exhausting mentally and spiritually," she said, questioning why Kim is even thinking about her and NeNe at what should be a joyous time in her life. "I thought new love and pregnancy were happy times where you embrace life and positivity. Motherhood is beautiful, and being in love is the cherry on top!"

    Cynthia warmly concluded, "Enjoy your wonderful blessings and I will enjoy mine." Translation: Mind your business, Kim!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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