Gloria Govan open to reunion

    Gloria Govan said she’s not pressed about men, but she hasn’t completely shut the door on Matt Barnes.

    On the season finale of "Basketball Wives: LA," Gloria officially ended her five-year relationship with Matt. It wasn’t a decision that either of them took lightly as their love has been subject to harsh speculation ever since they appeared on the first season of "Basketball Wives: Miami."

    "It was extremely difficult, and I appreciate Matt for allowing people to see that," Gloria told S2S, noting that both she and Matt were fully aware of how their detractors would revel in the pair’s decision to split. "I think that we both were ready for the scrutiny and the criticism coming and the ‘I told you so’ and the ‘ha ha ha.’"  

    News of their breakup had been circulating for weeks when the season finale aired. Although Matt and Gloria spent a lot of time together on camera, it didn’t soften the blow of ending their relationship in such a public way.

    "Obviously being in a relationship in the public eye is not easy," she said. "Breaking up in the public eye is even harder. It was definintely very difficult."

    Still, Gloria thinks that she and Matt did the right thing and calls it "a good decision." Despite rumors that Matt may already have moved on to "Desperate Housewives" actress Eva Longoria, Gloria said she’s not really pressed about men at the moment.

    "I’m just taking it easy. I haven’t dated anyone, and I’m not looking to get into a relationship with anyone," Gloria stated, adding that she’s also focused on two very important little men in her life. "I’m just hanging out with Isaiah and Carter for now. I’m just taking this time to do me a little bit."

    However, Gloria admitted to S2S that she’s definintely open to the idea of getting back with Matt someday. She’s not banking on it, but she wouldn’t pass up the chance if the conditions were right. "If we can make it work down the line, whether it’s six months, a year, three years, then so be it. Great," she explained to us. "I’m not closing that door completely."

    That was an interesting choice of words from Gloria because, as viewers saw, she literally shut the door on her love story with Matt on Monday night. "That’s so scandalous," Gloria laughed, "that’s honestly not how it really happened."

    She did say, though, that VH1 was fair in its edit of her relationship with Matt. "The show did a great job of projecting where we were at that moment," Gloria said.

    For his part, Matt seemed eager to patch things up with Gloria this season. It looks like he might kinda sorta have a shot if he acts right!

    "I know I shut the door, but if it opens back up—I think there’s a crack there,"  Gloria teased. "I think he can get a pinky toe in there. I think he get a little something in there."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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