Jackie Christie talks open marriage

    There’s no shortage of rumors about celebrities with open marriages, but Jackie Christie of “Basketball Wives: LA” said she’s not even entertaining that idea.

    “We don’t have an open marriage,” Jackie told Sister 2 Sister. “I don’t judge [those who do], but it’s not something that I could even consider or think about. It’s not something we want. He’s like my best friend, and that’s just the way we are.”

    While many wonder exactly how open relationships work, Jackie has her own opinion.

    “When people say open marriages, it’s probably not, ‘Oh, you can go sleep with someone.’ It’s probably more two people living parallel lives,” said the author.

    Jackie’s newest book, Sexual Relations: A His and Her Guide to Great Intimacy, is the latest in her catalogue of relationship books.

    “We share a lot of insight into our personal lives,” said Jackie about the book coming out later this year.

    One tip she offers for couples is to do what it takes to stay connected.

    “It’s not just about the physical part. We make sure the intimacy is always on the forefront. Keep the respect, communication and intimacy there all the time. Those three things are the main ingredients,” she said. “A lot of times when someone veers out of the relationship, they’re lacking something. It’s not the person they’re not in love with. They’re missing something else. If you’ve got those three things, you can make it."

    Of course, another element to the success of the Christies’ marriage is their annual renewing of their wedding vows, and Jackie is already coming up with concepts for their next wedding ceremony.

    “Everybody gives me ideas. We had someone from South Africa contact us. We’re talking about a bunch of different ideas,” she said.

    “My dream has always been a plane,” said Jackie, clarifying that she wants to stay on the aircraft and not jump out of it.

    “It’s funny ‘cause the girls said they would jump. I can’t sky dive. I just want to get married in the air.”


    —Tracy L. Scott



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