Kandi Burruss not hating on NeNe Leakes

    Reality TV cliques are nothing new, and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss, is learning that you often have to pledge allegiance to one group or another, or risk being branded two-faced.

    Despite the fact that she and NeNe Leakes exchanged a few harsh words in the past, Kandi decided to travel with her “very rich” co-star to Miami. But when Kandi hung out with NeNe’s nemesis, Kim Zolciak, upon her return to Georgia, NeNe wasn’t pleased.

    “Kandi still playing both sides of the fence,” NeNe said to Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

    Kandi doesn’t regret going to Miami, but given her history with NeNe, she’s not too surprised how things turned out.

    “I almost didn’t want to go to Miami because I knew she and I aren’t that cool. I decided to go because I needed a getaway and I figured it couldn’t be that bad. How is she playing victim right now?” Kandi wrote on her BravoTV.com blog.

    It’s true that Kandi didn’t protest when Sheree Whitfield and Kim started disparaging NeNe, calling her broke and criticizing her dental work, but Kandi doesn’t think NeNe’s assessment of her was correct.

    “I’ve never tried to make NeNe feel like I wasn’t cool with the other girls. So clearly she knew that I would continue to hang out with them when I got back,” said Kandi.

    Although she admits to joking about NeNe’s “very rich” comment, Kandi doesn’t consider that shady because she’d already told NeNe how she felt about that.

    “I don’t say anything about either one of them behind their backs that I won’t say to them in person, and I’ve never said anything about either one of them that wasn’t true. You can automatically cut the playing both sides conversation short and kill all the comments about me carrying bones. I did not say anything negative about Cynthia or NeNe,” Kandi wrote.

    As for NeNe’s claims that Kandi is hating, she doesn’t see any reason why she would.

    “There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that NeNe has that I want or can’t buy if I wanted to. I have my own lane and I stay in it. She doesn’t do what I do. What I do for a living is not even in her job description. We are not in competition. There’s no way you can even compare us,” wrote Kandi.

    On a recent episode of “Wendy Williams,” the talk-show host estimated NeNe Leakes’ worth at around $3.5 million, and Kandi’s at more than $30 million.

    Watch what NeNe had to say about her so-called haters on “Watch What Happens Live.”



    See photos of Kandi below.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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