‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 11.18.11

    Tamar one-liner: "Girl, get your life!"

    Tamar, Towanda and Traci were all thinking about their career goals on Thursday’s "Braxton Family Values."

    Is a Braxtons album going to happen or not? While the sisters decide on the fate of the studio project, they each have other ventures to focus on.

    Tamar’s laying the  groundwork for her solo album, and Towanda is trying to figure out how to break out of her role as Toni’s assistant and onto the screen (big or small!).  Meanwhile, Traci is considering getting into the beauty business.

    Almost from the moment that Tamar stepped into the studio, it was kind of obvious that she wasn’t feeling, TC, a producer her hubby Vince Herbert has hired to help out with one of her many prospective  tracks.

    Tamar wasn’t feeling the sound of the song and she definitely wasn’t happy that Vince walked out of the studio to attend to other business while she recorded.

    "Can you belive Vince just walked up out the studio?!" Tamar asked. Is she for real? She’s getting mad at Vince for basically doing the exact same thing she did to her mom on the season premiere. Granted the reasons were much different, but Tamar shouldn’t have gotten upset about it.

    Perhaps, though, it would have been a good idea for Vince to stick around as Tamar went into full-on diva mode when he left. There’s something to be said for knowing what you want being assertive, but Tamar was bordering on being a little disrespectful to the producer that Vince hooked her up with.

    Eventually, on Toni’s advice, Tamar decided that her best bet would be to work with their producer friend Harvey. In Toni’s opinion, Harvey knows how to handle Tamar and get the best out of her while creating a sound that she’ll love.

    Good idea right? Not so much. Vince really wants her to work with TC.

    Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Towanda was having a sit-down with her estranged hubby Andre. What about? Toni has asked Towanda to come out to Los Angeles to train her new assistant Zo.

    Working for Toni is handful because she basically needs them to cover all bases.

    Andre isn’t happy about the trip because he just sees it as Towanda taking  the first step back into a life as Toni’s right-hand woman. That’s a fate neither he nor Towanda wants, but his reasoning for not wanting Towanda  to work for Toni again is about selfish: He wants Towanda to focus on his wants and needs.

    We couldn’t believe it! How is he seriously expecting Towanda to attend to his needs, when they’re separated? And he’s not even contributing any income to their household so that he can meet his family’s needs? Have a seat, Andre.

    When Towanda gets to L.A. she find out that Zo is a trainwreck!  The boy can’t even boil water without it resulting in a major accident. No, seriously! Toni had to let Zo go after the stove caught fire…while he was making tea. He tried to  heat up the water by putting it on the stove in a plastic cup. Who does that?!


    It turns out that Andre’s prediction was correct in that Towanda would wind up moving their family out to L.A. to help Toni. "I’m not the family’s personal assistant," Towanda exclaimed at one point, exasperated that she’s wound up exactly where she didn’t want to be: working for Toni again.

    On the upside, because Towanda wants to be an actress, staying with Toni in L.A. might afford her some opportunities she may not have had staying in Atlanta. And it gets her, Andre and their kids out of Trina and Gabe’s house. From the outside, this looks like a blessing in disguise! 

    Traci, frustrated with all the delays on the Braxtons album, has decided that she’d like to get into the hair business. She just has to re-sharpen her styling skills and she’ll be good!

    Well, she’s almost good. Traci also needs a little help deciding where to open her salon and find some backers. Ideally, she’d like to open a shop in Maryland with a little help from her sisters. No such luck!





    —Sonya Eskridge




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