Datari Turner talks ‘Another Happy Day’

    Model turned producer Datari Turner has his sights on the big screen yet again with his new movie Another Happy Day.

    After being behind reality series “Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy” and BET’s “The Ultimate Hustler,” Turner brings a drama about a dysfunctional family who comes together again for a wedding .

    Another Happy Day is an independent film, starring Demi Moore as an overbearing second wife, that reminds the audience that most families aren’t perfect. This one especially is full of secrets!

    Ellen Barkin plays the main character, Lynn. She goes throughout the movie trying to get a handle on her four kids, her mother, her ex-husband and his current wife. With her son Elliot on spiraling out of control with drugs, and a judgmental mother to top it off, Lynn finds herself trying to find a voice throughout the movie to make sure everything doesn’t go completely haywire.

    Though most of Datari’s projects have catered more to the African-American interests, he believes that Another Happy Day will be a success.

    “As an artist we want to make all types of films from comedies, to dramas, and films that appeal to all audiences," he told "Whether you are black, white, or Asian to a certain degree, we all have similar stories that everyone can relate to."



    —Kylee Coney




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