Friday Funnies: Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

    Some girls are ghetto, some girls are fabulous, but J is just awkward.

    Meet J. She’s kind of at an odd time in her life after getting dumped twice by the love of her life.

    How does she handle the disappointment? By writing terrible rap lyrics, but it’s just another reason that we love J!

    She faces the social conundrums that have harassed us for years! In particular, what do  you do when you keep running into someone you’d rather avoid? Find out!

    Things only get more awkward for J as she’s passed over for promotion, which is promptly given to her arch nemesis, Nina (aka "the b*tch"). Adding insult to injury is the fact that she absolutely hates the people she works with. Her office is minefield of cattiness, noisy ignorance and disease.

    But there is one saving grace in the form of a handsome new co-worker!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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