NeNe Leakes dislikes celebrity life

    The reality star that many fans love to hate, NeNe Leakes of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” recently revealed that she’s not a fan of her newfound celebrity status.

    “I had no idea that being on the ‘Housewives’ show, that we were going to blow [up] the way that we did. …  If you were with me in a day-to-day situation, I don’t hang out—I’m a real homebody. I don’t like people digging into my personal life,” NeNe said when she visited the new daytime show of her news anchor crush Anderson Cooper.

    NeNe did admit, however, that she was “hanging out” when she drunk-dialed A.C.

    “So I’m doing a newscast one night, and my phone rings and I look down and I don’t recognize the number, and I don’t answer, but during a commercial break, I check it and it’s NeNe Leakes drunk-dialing me from the back of a limo yelling ‘Don’t be tardy to the party’,” recalled Anderson.

    NeNe took a stab at explaining her actions.

    “I was hanging out with my friend over at Bravo, and …. he said let’s call him up. And we had been out drinking, but we called him up. But you loved it didn’t you?” she said.

    Though she was on “Anderson” to discuss her new Moscato wine, holiday trends, and gadgets, NeNe still didn’t neglect an opportunity to include her cast mates in conversation.

    “Celebrity hasn’t gone to my head, but what else can you say? My star is rising, hers is falling.  And what do you do? You usually talk about the people that are rising,” she said of co-star Sheree Whitfield.

    NeNe also dished about Kim Zolciak’s wedding. Of her nemesis, she said the two have not spoken for a year and a half. And though she was not invited to her wedding party that she still “wishes her the best because love is a beautiful thing.”

    Luckily for NeNe, the on-screen arguments don’t affect her normal life. She said she only remains in contact with her co-stars during taping.

    “I don’t see those girls outside of the camera rolling. I don’t hang out with them or anything,” she said.


    Watch a clip of the "Anderson" interview here.


    —Ciara Smith


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