‘RHOA’ recap: 11.21.11

    Peter and Apollo were the real show on Sunday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

    Before we can get into that, though, let’s cover what’s been going on with the ladies.

    Sheree Whitfield was overseeing the construction of her humble abode, Chateau Sheree. Considering her recent financial troubles, it’s just going to be a quaint little spot that only has the necessities. Naturally, the new place will have a gym, a mini-spa, a theater, a skating rink, a ballroom, a lounge, a DJ booth and a library. You know, the basics! 

    It’s so much to keep track of that Sheree complained that it was almost like another job, which she doesn’t need. And we completely understand! Sheree’s a very busy lady, whose schedule is packed with…um…hmm.

    So moving on to another busy lady, Phaedra Parks was pulling mommy duty while eating breakfast with Apollo. The topic of conversation was Apollo, who had been pulled over by police. What did he do? Turns out nothing. The cops just thought that he was someone else they were trying to track down.

    But with Apollo’s criminal past, a simple case of mistaken identity is never really that simple. Almost immediately people started buzzing about how he was stopped by police, so obviously he must be headed for another stay in the big house. But Apollo got mad that, when asked about the situation, Phaedra said all the gossip must be false since Apollo told her he was at work all day.

    We’re missing what exactly there was for him to get mad about in her response. Maybe it’s not for us to understand. Whatevs!

    Things were going a lot more smoothly over at Cynthia Bailey’s place. We must say, Miss Cynthia has her family situation on lock! She has a new husband, a baby daddy, a beautiful daughter and everyone gets along.

    Wish we could say the same for Peter and Cynthia when it comes to the rest of her family. After the stunt Cynthia’s sister and mom pulled at the wedding last year, we would be surprised if there wasn’t a little tension in the family. However, Peter didn’t really seem open to the good advice that Leon was trying to give him about how to handle his new in-laws.

    While Cynthia was bringing her immediate family together, NeNe Leakes was talking to her son about how he’s handling her split from Gregg. Needless to say, Brent’s not happy about his parents breaking up, but he’s handling it as best he can. If he had it his way, though, both NeNe and Gregg would be sleeping in the same room again.

    Can’t blame the kid for wanting to keep his family together. It seems like NeNe does, too. While Gregg is trying to update his image and maybe get back in the dating game, NeNe’s put the brakes on her love life for the moment because she’s hoping that she and Gregg can patch things up.

    So…Kim Zolciak’s baby shower. Where do we begin? First of all, the whole thing reminded us of a wedding reception, which is interesting. Why? Well, Kim had a LOT to say about Phaedra’s bughetto baby shower last season.

    Now that it’s her turn, though, you can bet that Kim wasn’t settling for just sitting in a rocking chair and opening some presents. Oh no! Kim went all out with a photo shoot, a huge cake and touching speeches. As Brielle said, she could never have imagined that Kim’s first run-in with Kroy would lead to a new dad. "Now she’s knocked up," Brielle said of her mom’s relationship with Kroy. "Thanks!"

    Ah, kids.

    Between Phaedra’s baby shower and Cynthia’s wedding, Kim was doing a lot of hating her "RHOA" cast mates last season. So maybe that’s why her special event had a little hiccup: karma.

    Peter and Cynthia were hours late to the baby shower, and everyone had a lot to say about them being tardy for the party. But things really got ugly when the topic of Peter’s Uptown interview where he went in on Cynthia’s co-stars came up.

    Apollo wasn’t happy with what Peter said about his wife, Phaedra, and Peter told him to read the article before popping off. Too late!

    Apollo threw Peter’s money problems (and age) in his face. Peter threw Apollo’s criminal record in his face, and the next thing you know, they’re in each other’s face ready to throw down.

    Why in the why oh why did the one table of Black people have to get hood at the bougie baby shower?! Cops had to be called in! How are you going to fight at a baby shower?

    More importantly, why didn’t Kroy step in and break it up? We know that he had security there for a reason, but we expected him to do more than just stand back and shake his head.

    The fight aside, the moment that really took the cake for us was Kim’s dad trying to network with Phaedra at the baby shower. There were no words!

    Let’s just hope Kim and Kroy’s wedding went better.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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