‘Basketball Wives: L.A.’ recap: 11.22.11

    It was the mother of all confrontations as the cast of "Basketball Wives: LA" sat down for the first half of their reunion.

    Thank God for John Salley! It was his job to entertain the crowd and keep the reunion rolling along. Otherwise this would have just been another regular version of "BBW: LA."

    There were so many fights that it was hard to know where to start, so he just started with Laura Govan’s first episode battle. Viewers wanted to know what really set her off with Malaysia Pargo.

    Her answer? It was a play fight that got serious real quick.

    Imani Showalter rehashed how she really met Laura and how all of her stuff really wound up in  Imani’s garage.
    Of course, as we know, Laura’s stuff didn’t stay there very long because Imani heard that Laura had been talking behind her back. But who could she possibly have heard that from? Why Jackie Christie, of course!


    Gloria’s already told S2S that she’s open to the idea of getting back with Matt, but it seems that they’ve had a few hookups since their split.

    At first we were a little surprised by the confession, but we don’t judge. Hey, a woman has needs! Obviously they were still attracted to each other when they split, and he did say that the occasional "drive-by" would be his I-Still-Love-You gift to Gloria.

    But the fact remains that they are still not officially together. Why? Because Gloria thought it was a bit disrespectful that it took her baby daddy years to figure out what he had.


    No one was more talked about this season that Draya Michele! Whether it was her career choice, her mothering skills or choice of clothing, someone always had something to say about Draya.

    Well, last night, Draya finally had her say and she went off!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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