‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 11.22.11

    Managers were big problem for Chrissy Lampkin and Somaya Reece on Monday’s episode of "Love & Hip Hop."

    Kimbella was still reeling from her fight with Chrissy at Emily Bustamente’s Independence Party. Kimbella sat down to lunch with Yandy Smith to make sense of the incident, and Yandy provided a few ideas on why Chrissy may have gone HAM on her new cast mate.

    One of Yandy’s theory is that the girls needed more time to warm up to Kimbella because she’s relatively new to the group. Yandy’s other thought was that Kimbella’s beat-down was the result of too much alcohol and attitude.


    Next Kimbella hit up Emily to get the situation straightened out one on one. Emily knows that her ex Fabolous was cheating on her with Kimbella, but the model wanted to make a few things clear about her situation with the rapper.

    Emily, understandably, wasn’t in the best of moods during the sit-down. But as mad as she was, she explained to Kimbella that she may not get how Emily feels until the same thing happens to her. And, as the stylist said, there’s a good chance that Juelz might slip up one day because he’s got women throwing themselves at him all the time.

    What we don’t understand is why Emily was looking at Kimbella like the guilty party in the whole situation. Fabolous was the one who stepped out on Emily, while Kimbella claims to have had no prior knowledge about Fab’s relationship status. 


    Meanwhile, Maurice’s lack of focus has gotten him in trouble with Somaya as she prepares for her showcase.

    Not only did Maurice switch the dancers on Somaya, he was slacking on his responsibility to coordinate rehearsals for the show. That didn’t stop Somaya, though, because she resorted to doing run-throughs in her apartment.

    Last week, we thought that it was a little weird that Maurice was more concerned about branding products for Somaya than perfecting her act. With him focusing on the extras of her brand, the basics were being neglected. That could have meant Somaya losing her sole investor…and you know she wasn’t about to let Maurice mess up her money.


    After her brawl with Kimbella, Chrissy decided it was time to play nice. "I don’t want to be the mean girl no more," Chrissy admitted. So in the spiriting of turning over a  new leaf, Chrissy and Emily went to support Somaya at her showcase.

    It seems she’s passed the mean girl baton to Olivia, who was hating on Somaya from the rapper’s big entrance to the grand finale. She didn’t like anything about Somaya’s show, and she made her opinion very clear.

    Somaya wasn’t going to let a negative opinion—or an open fly—keep her from bringing it onstage. We just want to know how in the world she made it to the stage without knowing that her pants weren’t zipped.


    Chrissy’s resolve to be nice didn’t last long after Yandy got up and started dancing to "Psychotic."

    Somehow it got from Mama Jones’ diss track to Yandy’s view of Chrissy’s boo, Jim Jones (or as Yandy has taken to calling him, "My Money"). We can’t knock Yandy for keeping her money on her mind if she is self-employed, but she has to know how to handle Chrissy after all these years.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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