Monica eases into new family life

    Newlywed Monica is now part of a blended family, but she said it’s not as difficult to manage as some might think.

    “It’s very common now, and I think people make it hard because they put so many restraints and pressures and issues in the midst, and all you do is put the kids first. Whenever you prioritize the kids first, then everything else falls in place,” she told Sister 2 Sister Publisher Jamie Foster Brown.

    Monica, whose upcoming album New Life is due out early 2012, said her relationship with NBA baller Shannon Brown is easy because they share common interests.

    “I’m married to a solid person that loves family. We love the same things and that common ground is important,” she said.

    Similar interests never hurt when two people are trying to build a relationship, but timing is critical, too, and Monica admitted she had some soul-searching to do before she was ready for what she has now.

    “I think I had some self-work to do … After I did it He knew I was really ready for the type of husband that I have,” she said.


    Monica talks more about her marriage below.



    Monica talks about her new hubby, her ex and Twitter in the January 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



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