Beyoncé due in December?

    Beyoncé let it slip that she could be a little farther along than the public suspected!

    Bey dropped something of a bomb in the Elements of 4 DVD while shooting the ultra-mod video for "Countdown."

    At one point during taping, Bey holds up a copy of the New York Daily News from September 23 and lets it slip that she’s six months along.

    "Right now, I’m shooting the video for ‘Countdown,’ and I’m six months pregnant pretending that my stomach is flat in bodysuits," she reveals with a laugh.

    If the newspaper and her confession weren’t enough, Beyoncé turned to the side to reveal a very prominent baby bump.

    The singer’s pregnancy has been a hot topic ever since she revealed that she was expecting at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in August. At that point, it was suspected that she was still only about three months along.

    Going by the new math, that would put Bey at about eight months right now. Original projections had the diva delivering her child with hubby Jay-Z in February, but  this new information means that the baby might actually be due in December or January.

    It’s fitting that Beyoncé would drop the big news while shooting "Countdown," where she celebrates her loving relationship with Jay-Z.

    Speaking of the video, though, an alternate version of "Countdown" has been released. Check it out below and tell us whether you like this one or the original better!





    —Sonya Eskridge




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