Lil’ Mo talks new album and retirement

    After a four year hiatus, R&B singer Lil’ Mo is back with her new album P.S. I Love Me.

    “Not only can I sing better than when I did when I came out the first time, but I look better, feel better, and I am better,” said the 34-year-old mother of three.

    Since her hit collaborations with rappers JaRule and Fabolous, people continue to mistake her for a rap artist. “Folks can’t find me in R&B because they put me in hip-hip or rap,” she told Sister 2 Sister. She even dealt with having a parental advisory warning removed from the new release, which ultimately caused a delay in the CD’s launch. Luckily, everything was resolved and fans can now get the album on iTunes or buy it in the stores, which Mo said is the preferred choice of her fans.

    “They like to read the credits.” The fans also like celebrating Movember with the singer during the month of November. “Movember is all about P.S. I Love Me and this whole movement of empowering women, as well as celebrating my birthday and life; for 10 years of professionally being Lil’ Mo the solo artist,” she said.

    What can fans expect from the older, more mature Lil’ Mo? “I was born in the church, raised by the streets. When you hear the album, you know it’s R&B but the majority of my fans are really like church folk. Like when I do album release parties, I’m like ‘Somebody’s pastor is here! And all the church folks!’ Like, I made it cool to go to the club and still go to church. Have a good time, but be respectable.

    "I’ve done my things in the past but you will never see it on tape or see a picture of it. I know how to carry myself in a respectful manner. So, I made it cool for church people to fall in love, to be in love, and to love yourself. That’s the basis of the project,” she said.

    Like many artists these days, Mo kept the production in-house. “Everything I do is family oriented.” B-Boys is comprised of her vocal coach, musical director, and husband Phillip Bryant and his brother Daniel. Soultry singer Tweet is on the title track and first single. “That’s my girl. We toured together. I sing so loud and churchy. Tweet is more soulful, but she church.”

    Although they’re distinctly different artists, Mo said she and Tweet work well together.

    “The passion in both of our voices is undeniable and that made for a great record. The video is about to drop and when you see the video, it’s going to take the record to a whole other level.” Other appearances include PJ Morton, Maino, Fat Man Scoop, and Dawn Richard of Diddy-Dirty Money.

    Now that she’s back, Mo has a definite plan on what’s next. “I’m trying to put an album out every year and just tour, tour, tour. ‘Til I’m like 40, then I’ll retire.”

    She wants to be like Frankie Beverly and Maze. “They had that hit, the family reunion song, and they toured for years off that and still get top dollar. If I can get to that iconic stage, like, when I’m 55 and come up there with my cane and my wheelchair, dusting off my “Superwoman” cape like ‘Y’all remember this?’ Hmm, I would want to see myself up there for that.”


    Listen to "P.S. I Love Me," featuring Lil’ Mo and Tweet.

    —Stephanie Dayton



    Get more on Lil’ Mo in the February 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



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