‘RHOA’ recap: 11.28.11

    Kandi Burruss’s birthday party was too hot for some of her guests to handle on the latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

    Last week’s episode left off with a bang as Peter and Apollo almost came to blows at Kim’s over-the-top baby shower. This week, Phaedra decided to mend fences by bringing Kim some more gifts for her baby.

    We have to say, Phaedra is being very gracious to someone that didn’t have too many kind words to say about her pregnancy last season. We guess that’s what you call being a lady. She may pop off with some crazy one-liners and Southern customs, but at least she knows how to act right. Some of her castmates may want to take some notes.

    Cynthia Bailey was also trying to repair a relationship at her home. Her hubby Peter’s been feeling some kind of way ever since he discovered that Cynthia’s sister, Mal, tried to stop their wedding by briefly withholding their marriage license.

    Cynthia’s gotten over the sneaky act, but Peter hadn’t and he wasn’t speaking to Mal for a while because of the stunt. So, when Mal came by to talk to Peter, it wasn’t exactly a happy reunion. And he was out of luck when it came to getting the apology he expected.

    Mal wasn’t really sorry for what she did because she thought she was protecting Cynthia from a bad marriage. As she explained, the supermodel had been complaining for months leading up to the nuptials, so her sister decided to intervene.

    As evidenced last week, we know that Peter’s not one to back down. As it turns out, neither is Mal. What started out as a tense conversation quickly boiled over into a heated argument between two somewhat combative people. Cynthia, sensing trouble, stopped the argument dead in its tracks. 

    While Cynthia was trying to keep the peace in her home, Kandi was out picking up a hot pair of shoes for her 35th birthday. But like every good diva knows, shopping is so much more fun with friends. That’s why she brought along the ever-outrageous NeNe and celebrity hair stylist Derek J. Whatever you may think about his fashion choices, you must admit that his shoe game is fierce!

    During the trip, of course, NeNe had to throw a little shade at Kim. In her opinion, Kim’s friendship with Kandi wasn’t quite a genuine friendship. NeNe, who is usually not one to mince words, implied that she felt like Kim was just using Kandi the last two seasons to help with her music career such as it was.

    And NeNe offered up a backhanded compliment about Kim’s new family situation with Kroy Biermann. "She don’t have to play second best to anybody," NeNe said, noting that Kim was once proudly involved with a very-married man known only on the show as Big Poppa.

    Speaking of Kim, she and Kroy were getting schooled on how to change a baby boy. With two daughters, it’s safe to say that Kim’s got experience with diaper duty, but changing a boy is very different experience for her. Kroy on the other hand seemed to be a natural at it.

    Meanwhile, Sheree Whitfield was checking on the status of her new home. She was displeased to find out that little more than the foundation for Chateau Sheree had been laid, but lucky for her, she brought backup: Phaedra.

    Phaedra put the contractor in check with just enough humor to let the man know that she could pleasant, but she meant business. Phaedra wasn’t about to let her good friend be swindled by contractors who would make every effort to milk the job by staying behind schedule.

    Come to think of it, Phaedra was in everybody’s business this week. From apologizing to Kim for the baby shower blowup to getting a stripper for Kandi’s birthday, Phaedra was very busy!

    Yep! Phaedra got a stripper named Redickulous for Kandi’s party. And if we all remember the way Phaedra gushed over him at Cynthia’s bachelorette party, Redickulous had a very unique talent. We’ve got to keep it PG, so let’s just put it this way: this is one stripper who has so much going on downstairs that he can orally pleasure himself—which he demonstrated for Kandi’s guests!

    Awkward does not being to describe his show as Peter and other male guests were there to see Redickulous strip down before going down on himself. Gross! The act proved to be a little too much for NeNe, Cynthia and Peter, who all promptly left the party.

    We were so shocked that we almost didn’t notice that Sheree got instant stank face when NeNe arrived at the party! It’s like she couldn’t wait to say something about her "very rich" frienemy.

    Kandi might have thought that NeNe and her crew acting like "old fogies," but we completely understand why they would have left.

    Oh, and did we mention that Kandi’s mom was also there to witness the show?! Unlike NeNe and company, Mommy stuck around to give the birthday girl a piece of her mind, stating that she was not cool with strippers. More than that, she found it a little disrespectful that Kandi allowed such an explicit show to take place with Mom in the room.

    The whole ordeal left Kandi, 35, feeling like a little kid. Happy Birthday, Kandi!

    Check out some more tame pics from Kim’s baby shower below!


    —Sonya Eskridge

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