‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 11.29.11

    Jackie Christie went from one extreme to the other in part 2 of the "Basketball Wives: LA" reunion.

    The second half of the reunion may as well have been called the "The Jackie Christie Show" because it was all about her.

    After all the gossip and the fights, Jackie still held out hope that she could make up with the rest of the women on the cast. Then she changed her mind.

    But, before she did, the rest of the cast members let Jackie know how they really feel about her. If it wasn’t already clear from the season finale breakup and the first half of the reunion, the other women want nothing to do with her.

    Malaysia Pargo was a bit on edge as she said there’s no way that she could be friends with Jackie because Jackie crossed her. Gloria Govan was more cutting when she said that she basically can’t believe anything that Jackie says.

    Meanwhile Laura Govan was just over it…mainly because she’s never sure which of Jackie’s many personalities she’s going to encrounter at any given moment.

    Of course the topic of Jackie’s relationship came up. So she shared some of her tips for making a relationship work. Laura looked thoroughly concerned during Jackie’s explanation.

    As crazy as people may think Jackie is, she must know what she’s talking about because she’s married her hubby 16 times.


    Getting down to the nitty-gritty, host John Salley wanted to know how exactly Jackie supposedly fooled her cast mates into thinking that everyone was talking about everyone else.

    The explanation was as confusing as all the double talk! Suffice it to say, though, that isolation played a big part in Jackie’s alleged plot.

    Jackie didn’t think she was stirring up trouble, though. If anything, she held onto her belief that she was helping the other girls.


    Not only does Jackie think she was really doing the others a favor, she thinks that much of the problem between her and the others is that they’re all just a bunch of haters.


    Jackie was ultimately brought to tears during the reunion. It wasn’t all the mean things the other girls were saying about her because she seems well-versed at handling criticism.

    Although, no one has really talked to Jackie since taping the season finale, Jackie was very touched that they offered their condolences when her mother passed away earlier this year.





    —Sonya Eskridge

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