Conrad Murray sentenced to prison

    Judgment day has arrived for disgraced cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray.

    Just three weeks after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, Michael Jackson’s former physician appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court for sentencing.

    E! News reports that judge Michael Pastor slammed Dr. Murray with four years in prison, the maximum sentence, in the King of Pop’s untimely death.

    "He has absolutely no sense of remorse and absolutely no sense of fault," the judge said. "And he’s dangerous."

    Judge Pastor added, "There are those who believe Dr. Murray is a saint. There are those who believe Dr. Murray is the devil. He is neither. He is a human being."

    Dr. Murray’s legal team had been pushing for probation, but Jackson family attorney Brian Parish relayed an emotional statement from the family in his final request for the maximum sentence.

    "There’s no way to adequately describe the loss of our beloved father, son, brother and friend," Brian read. "As brothers and sisters, we will never be able to hold, laugh or perform again with our brother Michael. As his children, we will grow up without our father, our best friend, our playmate and our dad. We are not here to seek revenge. There is nothing you can do today to bring Michael back." The Jacksons also asked that Dr. Murray’s sentence be used as an example and a warning to all other doctors, stating, "We respectfully request that you impose a sentence that reminds physicians that they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder and cast aside their Hippocratic oath to do no harm."

    District Attorney David Walgren also scoffed at the defense’s request for probation because of the "planning and sophistication" of Dr. Murray’s "grossly corrupted" care. The judge agree with this assessment while explaining his determination to give the doctor, who has been in lockup at a county jail since being found guilty, four years in prison.

    "This is an unacceptable, egregious series of departures from the standard of care … which is a disgrace to the medical profession," the judge said. "I believe he is a danger to the community."

    Despite the judge’s ruling, there is a chance that Dr. Conrad may not serve out his full sentence behind bars because of overcrowding. Whether he gets an early release or is eventually put on house arrest will be up to the Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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