‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 11.29.11

    The ladies of "Love & Hip Hop" were throwing so much shade on Monday night that we needed a flashlight to watch the episode!

    Last night’s "Love & Hip Hop" was not short on drama and general cattiness.

    If it wasn’t Emily Bustamente insulting Kimbella with a toast, then it was Olivia knocking Somaya Reece’s hustle. And if it wasn’t that, then it was the increasingly contentious relationship between Yandy Smith and Chrissy Lampkin.

    As VH1 has gotten into the habit of doing, the show began with the back end of last week’s fight! Chrissy’s still a little salty that Yandy is considering taking on clients that Chrissy feels are untalented. Yandy, being the manager that she is, always has her eye on the bottom line. For her, if "there’s checks to be gotten," she’s going for it.

    Although we can’t be mad at a self-employed woman for seeing dollar signs everywhere, Chrissy can. Before chucking the deuces to Yandy, she threatens to make the checks stop—as in Yandy won’t be working with Chrissy’s boo Jim Jones anymore.

    Jim didn’t take it too lightly when Chrissy ran back to him with news of the blowout, either, and he kinda-sorta fired Yandy.

    To prove that her relationship wasn’t all about the money (with probably just a smidge of vindictiveness mixed in), Yandy decided to ignore some of Jim’s calls. The unanswered texts and calls resulted in Jim missing a gig worth $25,000!

    Needless to say, that struck a nerve with him, but the bigger problem for Jim was Yandy’s fight with Chrissy. After telling his manager to patch things up with his main girl, he promptly kicked Yandy out of his studio.

    Somaya was also scoping out some studio time while working with a producer named Swift from Midi Mafia. Yep, even without Maurice, Somaya is still making moves thanks to her investor, who hooked her up with the producer.

    What Barry didn’t know was that Somaya and Swift immediately started mixing business with pleasure. The pair set up some time to discuss her music, but there were definitely some sparks flying. Maybe Barry didn’t see that. A career hookup and a love connection? Somaya is nothing if not efficient.

    Could that be yet another reason why Olivia is still hating on the rapper? For some reason, Olivia just can’t get down with Somaya no matter how hard Somaya tries to extend an olive branch. Well, it wasn’t so much an olive branch as a pair of shoes that Somaya designed with Olivia’s image on the bottom.

    Somaya planned to give Olivia the shoes as a thank you for coming out to her showcase, but all Olivia could do was confess that she was forced to go. If that that wasn’t bad enough, she told Somaya that she believes she’s on a higher level than the rapper.

    Humble, she is not. Olivia has got high expectations of herself, which isn’t wrong. However, there’s no need to be nasty to someone that is genuinely trying to be nice.  Not to mention, Olivia should consider that this is her third attempt at making a big splash on the music business.

    Her career has fizzled out twice before, so she’s really starting over. Humility might help her aspirations.

    Kimbella’s career, on the other hand, seems to be rolling along just fine as she shot a cover for Black Men Magazine. She celebrated the milestone with a party attended by none other than Emily!  Yeah…that’s not awkward at all.

    Emily, who just moved into her new home alone, was actually just the plus-1 for her good friend and sometimes client Teairra Mari. But when Kimbella came over to thank her guests for the support, Emily couldn’t resist the opportunity to return the favor Kimbella did for her in the season premiere (you remember how Kimbella revealed that she’d been dating Fabolous while Emily was carrying the rapper’s son).

    “A toast to you, Kimbella, for making the cover, you are the most qualified," Emily said while raising a glass. "You’ve had the most Black men in you, including mine.” Emily then made a hasty retreat. Whoa.

    But the big showdown came when Yandy literally tried to break bread with Chrissy.

    Yandy tried to smooth things over with Chrissy by taking her out to dinner and having a calm conversation about all of their little misunderstandings. While Yandy was looking to make things right, per Jim’s request, it seemed like Chrissy was more interested in having a confrontation.

    As we’ve seen in the past, if Chrissy can’t be right and come out on top, the conversation just isn’t going to go well. Color us surprised when Chrissy got loud with Yandy in the restaurant and eventually left after Yandy refused to back down.

    We will say, though, that Yandy could have been a little more apologetic because she’d been touching on the issue of Chrissy’s very strained relationship with Mama Jones quite a bit. Chrissy may have tried to play boss lady at the table, but at the root of it, she was very hurt by some of the things Yandy’s done. It would only be right for the manager to acknowledge how some of her actions couldbe hurtful.

    BTW: Did we just see a tag hanging off the back of Chrissy’s top? Or is that a mic pac? Take a look!




    —Sonya Eskridge

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