Mary J Blige shares ‘My Life’ journey

    Mary Jane Blige, “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul,” has entertained audiences all over the world for nearly 20 years. At 40-years-old, Mary just released her 10th album, My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act I).

    Recently on “CBS Sunday Morning,” she explained her growth as a person and artist since her 1992 debut on the music scene.

    “The younger Mary J. Blige… she was very unaware, ignorant..”, said Mary.

    Throughout her career, Mary has shared experiences and life struggles through her lyrics in hopes that her audiences can relate. However, she was surprised to discover that so many fans would respond to her music the way they did. “I didn’t know everyone was hurting like I was hurting,” she said.

    Not only has Mary continued to convey emotion and passion through her music with a distinct sound, she has also stayed true to herself even when people around her wanted change. From her mannerisms to her name, executives and others in the music business felt she needed to become someone she was not.

    “I felt like I would be a fraud, if I unlearned what I am,” said Mary.

    The golden-locked hip-hop and R&B artist dropped her new compilation that shares a journey from My Life, her second studio album released in November of 1994, to now.

    My Life II is the evolution of how far we’ve come. The first one, we were like borderline suicide. I know I was,” Mary recently told the “Chelsea Lately” audience.

    Mary has expressed many times how much pain and hurt she went through at a younger age. Her father left her as a child, she was sexually abused by a family friend, and she went through a period where she turned to drugs and alcohol for help. Someone who has assisted Mary through her rough times is not only her manager, it is her husband too. Kendu Issacs has been with Mary for eight years.

    “My husband wouldn’t be my manager if he didn’t understand who Mary J. Blige is, was…” Mary told Chelsea.

    Mary continues making music after all these years because she still enjoys singing. She even told CBS, “I enjoy it more now.” Next Spring, she is set to release a sequel to Act I of her most recent album.



    Watch a portion of Mary’s CBS interview below.


    Mary hangs out with Chelsea Handler. Watch.

    —Gianna Banner

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