Tameka Foster wants sole custody

    Tameka Foster wants sole custody of her kids with Usher now that he’s cut off her charge card.

    TMZ.com reports that the former Mrs. Raymond has filed for sole custody because, allegedly, she’s tired of the singer falling short on his "co-parenting" responsiblities.

    According to court documents recently filed in Georgia, Tameka claims that her ex has been very lax about informing her of his decisions with their sons, Nayvid and Usher V. For example, Tameka said that he’s formed a habit of taking the kids out of state without her permission.

    Beyond that, she alleges that Usher never asks her approval when hiring a nanny. Adding insult to injury is the claim that she’s not the first person he calls to watch their sons when he’s away for more than eight hours.

    Court papers also state that Usher denied her time with the boys during Christmas break last year, and he wouldn’t let her have them for two weeks over the summer, either.

    But if all that wasn’t bad enough, Tameka said that Usher has also gone back on his word and closed her Saks 5th Avenue Card, which offers "special benefits."

    Supposedly, Usher also pledged to pay her $5,000 a month so that she could hire a nanny, but he’s now $34,000 behind in those payments. 

    In addition to filing for sole custody, Tameka is seeking a child support increase as there’s been "a substantial change" in her ex-husband’s income.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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