Kyla Pratt defends her family

    Kyla Pratt set the record straight about why she kept her pregnancy under wraps and what her babydaddy really does for a living.

    One thing you do not do is talk about Kyla Pratt’s family! The "One on One" star took to her Tumblr to blog about all the mess that’s come her way since revealing that she’s a mom.

    In the December 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine (on stands now), Kyla shared that she’s got a 1-year-old daughter named Lyric. The happy news was something of shock, but many fans offered her congratulations on the new baby!

    It seems, though, that not everyone was supportive of Kyla’s growing family. "I announced a little over a month ago that i have a one year old daughter named Lyric. Ever since then there has been mostly negativity thrown our way," Kyla stated in her blog. "This is something that i knew would happen so THAT is why i delayed the process of sharing my happiness with this lovely world."

    Kyla, who will appear on the next season of BET’s "Let’s Stay Together," stated that her decision to hold off on introducing her new baby to the world wasn’t an attempt to hide. Rather, she wanted to have a normal pregnancy and go about her life as usual. She just didn’t want to make her pregnancy a big deal for the media, which could have had some effect on the baby.

    "When you have a human being growing inside of you, they can feel every emotion you feel. i didnt know how i was going to react with my hormones going crazy," Kyla explained. "I believe that is why my daughter is such a happy baby, because i didnt subject myself to this random blog bullsh*t during the happiest time of my life."

    Kyla was a bit more pleasant last week when she finally revealed her baby to the world by tweeting the pic to the right with the caption, "Here you go world!!! My Love <3 :)"

    Folks have also had quite a bit to say about Lyric’s daddy, Danny "KP" Kilpatrick, and Kyla is tired of all the unflattering chatter. The thing that many people keep talking about is the gossip that he was at one point a stripper, which Kyla said couldn’t be further from the truth. 

    "He has been a tattoo artist for about eight years and has been writing and producing music," Kyla clarified. "When he releases his Music and Art Work he has been doing i guarantee u, i wont have to say anything else."

    Kyla did admit, however, that Danny was a dancer at one point in his past.

    "The club he used to work at years ago for (2yrs) was basically a competition where guys would compete for the most attention by creating the hottest dance routines," she explained. "Some dancers were into the frilly costumes. and [others] just wore jeans, bandanas chucks and a tank tops (mine). He never Strip down naked or to a thong. His image was and is Compton, Hood."

    She reiterated, "My man/Daughters father, is a song writer, HipHop Artist and a Well-Known Tattoo Artist. And has been doing these things for years."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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