NeNe Leakes defends Redickulous diss

    Former stripper NeNe Leakes is defending her decision to walk out during a male exotic dancer’s performance on a recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta."

    While it may have seemed hypocritical to some, including Redickulous, the dancer who shocked attendees at Kandi Burruss’ birthday celebration by pleasuring himself orally, NeNe clarified that her issue was more about propriety and logistics.

    “Would you be at a party with your mom, aunt or people you do business with and watch a stripper suck his… in front of everyone,” she asked, directing her question to Bravo’s Andy Cohen, who spoke with Redickulous on “Watch What Happens Live.”

    While Redickulous claims that he’s performed for NeNe several times, even giving her a lap dance, NeNe denies that.

    “I host lots of gay events & introduce whoever they tell me 2! I’ve never had a lap dance from any male stripper!” she tweeted.

    NeNe’s rejection and judgment of the stripper’s talent hurt his feelings a bit.

    “They were stand-offish,” he said about NeNe and those who left during his performance. “It did kind of upset me,” he told Andy.

    Redickulous suggested NeNe had ulterior motives for leaving the party in a huff.

    “From my perception, I think it was because of the situation between her and Phaedra [Parks], and she was just egging Kandi’s mom on to make a scene,” he said.

    No matter the reason she left, NeNe isn’t apologizing, nor does she agree with the comparisons between her past days of pole dancing and what Redickulous now does.

    “Yes, I was a stripper and I’m NOT ashamed of it but I never ate my own….,” she tweeted.

    Read NeNe’s Twitter posts below.

    Redickulous calls into “Watch What Happens Live.” Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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