Relocation won’t sideline Laura Govan

    Despite her recent move to Orlando, Laura Govan said she’s onboard for a season 2 of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA” if one comes along.

    “For me, this is fun. If I have the time to do it, of course I will. Who wouldn’t want to come to work and have their hair and makeup done by somebody? This is a blessing for me. As I’ve gone along the way, I appreciate everyone I’ve met, everyone that’s helped me. I mean, for other people to take the time out of their lives to make me look pretty or to help me, I’m thankful,” Laura told VH1.

    Although Laura’s sister, Gloria Govan, hopes her other projects will keep her too busy for a season 2, Laura is willing to balance the show with her personal life.

    “For some people this is their job, this is their livelihood. For me, I’m a mother first. I don’t give a s— about nothing else. After that, everything else falls into place,” she said.

    That personal life includes her relationship with the NBA’s Gilbert Arenas. While many celebrity couples break up during the course of a reality series, Gilbert and Laura announced they were getting back together.

    However, she’s not giving the show any credit for their reconciliation.

    “The show don’t help with s#!t. We are naturally going to always be together. It’s like a boomerang. You throw it, it’s just coming right back. We have four kids together so we’re always going to be in each others’ lives,” said Laura.

    As a result of her very public relationship with Gilbert, Laura said she was unfazed by the new crop of haters that emerged once “BBW: LA” aired.

    “I’m going to be honest with you, when I’m on Twitter, I crack jokes all time, but sometimes you’ll catch me direct messaging people back and I’ll be like, ‘Come on now, you of all people shouldn’t talk like that, look at your hairline,’ or whatever. I go hard on people who are mean for no reason. I direct message them,” she said.

    Although she jokes around a lot, Laura said she’s done playing games with co-star Jackie Christie, who was once a friend.

    “I think I was genuinely her friend, but Jackie just has her own thing going on. And I believe wholeheartedly that she believes she loved me, but I think life takes over. As far as she and I are concerned, I’m cool with Jackie. I’m not going to call her and ask her to go to church with me or to the flea market, but we’re cool. When I have quarrels with people, after time, it is what it is, we take care of it, and I move on. I don’t have time to harp on things we said, I got s#!t to do. I have four kids. I’m breastfeeding an entire household. I don’t have time to worry about her,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



    Laura would do a season 2. Would you? Are you ready for more "BBW:LA" or would you rather not? Leave your comments below.



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