T.I. tight-lipped about past mistakes

    For those who haven’t gotten the message yet, rapper T.I. no longer wants to discuss mistakes he made in the past.

    “We not going there, Wendy. We’re gonna bust a left,” he told talk-show host Wendy Williams when she pressed him for details about the drug bust that led to his most recent prison stint.

    “…And life has gone on,” he said repeatedly when she brought up topics he preferred to ignore.

    T.I.’s wife Tiny was able to discuss what it was like raising six children without the man of the house, describing it as “tough”; however, T.I. interrupted before she could comment on T.I.’s recent disagreement with 50 Cent that has apparently been squashed.

    “I since have had a conversation with 50, and we have a concise understanding,” he said, revealing that he spoke to 50 Cent about his comments suggesting Tiny should have served a sentence instead of T.I.

    Wendy wasn’t able to get T.I. to reveal too much, but he did suggest fans tune in to his new show, premiering Monday, December 5, on VH1.

    If nothing else, T.I. said the show will shed some light on what his life is really like and straighten out the haters.

    “If you must criticize and comment, you can do it from a place of understanding and a place of certainty, rather than a place of confusion and speculation,” he said.

    Watch a clip from the interview below.

    The couple also visited VH1’s "Morning Buzz." Find out about Tiny’s alter ego.



    —Tracy L. Scott


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