Beyoncé talks baby bump

    Beyoncé is addressing the controversy about her mysteriously fluctuating baby bump.

    No one really knows when Beyoncé is going to deliver her baby (assuming there’s no C-section planned), but when she showed off her baby bump at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in August, it was reported that she was still in the first trimester.

    When she shot the video for "Countdown" in September, however, she revealed that she was actually six months along at that point.

    What’s the deal with Bey’s baby. The singer told "20/20" that she’s keeping the details under wraps to ensure her child’s arrival is a safe one. "The truth is, it’s safety. I just want to make sure I can have a peaceful day. And I want to make sure my child is protected," she said.

    If that’s the case, why would the singer have revealed her baby bump during her performance of "Love on Top"? Apparently, it was all about control: She didn’t want anyone else breaking the big news.

    “Physically I was starting to show, so it was only a matter of days before someone zoomed in," She explained. "So I just wanted it to be from me, and I wanted it to be something that was a celebration of something so beautiful. And I didn’t want to release a picture or a statement. I figured the biggest statement was to — just be.”

    Beyoncé is bit more open about her supposed cravings. Check out the clip below to see what she’s got to say about all those reports that she loves hot sauce with her ice cream and pickles.


    See the full interview tonight at 10 p.m. EST during "20/20" on ABC.



    —Sonya Eskridge





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