‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 12.2.11

    Tamar one-liner: "How are you gonna look at that when you can be looking at all this?!"

    Between issues with their husbands and their careers, some of the Braxton sisters have a lot to deal with.

    Trina is drawing some lines when it comes to mixing her family and career. Specfically, she wants Gabe to leave her alone while she’s working. There’s a few a reasons for that: 1) He’s overly critical. 2) She thinks he doesn’t trust her. 3) He’s really got no business in the studio or practice space. 4) He makes it hard for her to concentrate. 5) She just doesn’t want him there!

    Even though she told him to stay home and work, Gabe still showed up at her studio—without her telling him where she’d be. Uh, surprise!

    Tamar is geeked about an opportunity to guest host a major morning radio show in Chicago. While she’s practicing how to wake people up with that distinct voice of hers, Vince thinks she really needs to be focusing on recording her solo album.

    Tamar, of course, couldn’t disagree more as she thinks the gig would only help her star shine a little brighter.

    Then Towanda is giving her estranged husband Andre some pointers on how to improve their relationship. She’s reluctant to say anything at first because she doesn’t think he’s serious. But when pressed she broke it down in two simple points.

    Towanda wants Andre to be honest with her, which she thinks he hasn’t always been with her. Oh, and did we forget to mention that he still doesn’t have a regular J-O-B?! Yeah, that’s a problem.

    Maybe he didn’t understand her the first hundred times when she told him that. That’s okay, this time she broke it down in simple terms that even he can follow:

    As it turns out, though, Andre took Towanda’s points and expanded on them. Then he wrote a book about how to better their relationship!

    Towanda had to wonder what exactly makes him an authority on the matter when their marriage is "in the s#!t hole."  And she doesn’t think that Trina’s relationship is any better!

    Speaking of Trina, she thinks that although Towanda isn’t really feeling Andre right now, that the pair still gets it on from time to time.

    Over in Chicago, Tamar is getting comfortable with talking on the radio for a few hours. We know that Tamar can definitely run her mouth, but doing it professionally made her a little nervous at first.

    Vince came in to help her out, and he did a good job of being her sidekick as the couple talked about how to make marriage work as only they can. Vince’s #1 tip: be patient.


    Although he wasn’t completely onboard in the beginning, Vince left the studio a believer in his wife’s newest interest.

    Things weren’t going quite as smoothly with Gabe and Trina once he came clean about putting a GPS tracker on her phone. Yeah, you read right! Of course that didn’t sit right with Trina, who immediately flipped out! Why? Because he basically admitted that he didn’t trust her. Wait a minute, who was the unfaithful one again?

    Trina blew up because if anyone had the right to be distrusting since he’s cheated on her for the majority of their marriage thus far. Looks like he won’t be getting any loving anytime soon. 





    —Sonya Eskridge

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