Draya Michele talks ‘BBW:LA’ turnaround

    Former stripper and “Basketball Wives L.A.” star Draya Michele was surprised that the show played out the way it did. She was expecting a completely different experience.

    “Definitely imagined it to be something different. I kind of imagined it to be with me more like Royce [Reed] in the Miami [version of the] show,” Draya told VH1 after the reunion special.

    It does not come as a shock that Draya would feel that way because Royce and Draya do share similarities. They were both the young cast members on their shows. They both worked in professions that raised the suspicions of their co-stars, and they both were challenged to prove themselves to their fellow cast mates.

    However, Draya won’t be trying to please her counterparts anymore. “I’m like kind of done trying to prove myself to them,” she said.

    Even though Draya told Sister 2 Sister a couple months ago, “I don’t like being compared to Royce because I don’t think we’re alike as far as personality-wise.” VH1 showed the public that both Royce and Draya have an intimidation factor. The women on the Miami cast initially were suspicious of Royce because of her past as an NBA dancer, who are generally looked down upon by the basketball wives. Likewise, during the L.A. season, Jackie Christie became uneasy of Draya throughout episodes because of her career choices. Although Jackie said Draya could be around her husband during the reunion show, Jackie’s actions suggested otherwise in the episodes aired earlier this fall.

    From everyone ganging up on the model beauty to everyone taking a liking to her, Draya kept her composure for the most part throughout the show. During the reunion special, she was able to speak up for herself and make jokes towards Jackie with the other women’s support. “Everybody at first is against me and now everybody’s with me,” Draya said during the reunion show.

    Draya ended the season in a positive light away from her “groupie” image, and she continues to move forward with future plans. Her bikini project, which she mentioned during the show, is becoming a reality. She recently tweeted, “About to cop the new sports illustrated swim suit mag and get to work in my office on my bikini line.”

    Fans can expect the line to be ready by Christmas, she said.

    —Gianna Banner


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