Phaedra Parks supports Redickulous’ act

    Phaedra Parks isn’t apologizing for offending some of Kandi Burruss’ party guests with her well-endowed, self-pleasuring gift.

    “I think what people have to remember is gifts are given according to the recipient. All last season you heard me speak about Redickulous and Kandi requested she wanted to see it,” said the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star.

    “It was the ultimate gift to her. That’s what she wanted to see. I gave my friend what she wanted: the ultimate gift of seeing Redickulous and I don’t think anyone can say it wasn’t a treat,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “It’s something to cross off your bucket list.”

    Although co-star NeNe Leakes walked out of the party during the male stripper’s performance, Phaedra said NeNe’s seen his act before. She can’t confirm that he ever gave her a lap dance, as he claimed, but she has seen him dance.

    “He advised me that he has danced for NeNe on several occasions, and she’s also introduced him on several occasions, but I wasn’t there when that happened,” she said, questioning why he would make up such a story.

    “He doesn’t have a reason to lie. She was an adult entertainer and so is he. It’s very believable that they would run in the same circles and know each other,” she said.

    NeNe explained that her objection to Redickulous’ performance was propriety. It wasn’t the time or place for such theatrics, she tweeted after the episode aired; but she wasn’t the only one to leave in a huff after witnessing Redickulous’ act.

    Mama Joyce, Kandi’s mother, let the expletives roll before scolding Kandi and exiting the venue. However, Phaedra said she and Mama Joyce didn’t fall out over the incident.

    “She was never mad at me,” Phaedra said. “Of course, you as the viewers don’t know that. She wasn’t upset with me, and we don’t have any issues. I respect her. We just had dinner together,” she said, before explaining that she wasn’t aware Kandi’s mom was in the room when she presented the gift.

    “When I went to go and bring my gift out, Mama Joyce was on the other side of the room having fun with her friends. I was shocked that someone had brought her back there for it. It was intended for the young ladies who came for Kandi’s birthday party,” she said.

    Although Phaedra left her husband, Apollo Nida, at home and didn’t subject him to Redickulous’ ridiculousness, she said they both appreciate the human body, and Apollo’s not at all bothered by her admiration of Redickulous’ talents.

    “Whether you have a ridiculous anatomy part or a regular body, I think people are so uncomfortable with what God created, but God doesn’t create anything that’s not beautiful or wonderful. I love the human body. I think nudity is beautiful, in the right atmosphere, and not in a perverted manner. So many people are so uncomfortable with themselves without clothes on. It’s a shame. Everything was created in God’s own image, and I think my husband knows that. We love the body,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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