Wendy Raquel Robinson praises Tia Mowry

    “The Game” returns to BET on Jan. 10, and Wendy Raquel Robinson talked to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about her charity, her relationship with her husband of eight years and the hit series, including what it’s like to work with Tia Mowry.

    Read an excerpt from the interview and get more in the January 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    Jamie: Now how do you feel seeing Tia as a mom on the set? And how’d you give her that parenting advice on her reality show?
    Wendy: I could give her parenting advice because I have the kids that I’ve worked with and the parents come to me for advice in helping their children, even at home. But Tia has always wanted to be a mom and she’s a real nurturing kind of person. Even on the set, she’s giving to the actors. You know how certain people can be engaged in the conversation but just not present with you? She’s always really present. So when you’re with Tia and it’s one-on-one, you’re with Tia one-on-one and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. Sometimes it’s a bad thing for her and she kind of hates it, but I really admire those qualities, when you can be authentic and genuine, especially in the industry that is not.

    Jamie: Right, right.
    Wendy: And she’s won that. She’s kind of been the glue for the show, for all of us.



    Get more from Wendy in the January 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.




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