Kim Kardashian to be sued by ex-hubby?

    Kris Humphries is still devising a plan to claim the money he feels he deserves from his short-lived marriage to Kim Kardashian.

    Kim Kardashian is eager to get over the 72-day media marriage spectacle and is still going forward with her divorce petition.

    Kris, however, is still not taking divorce for an answer, due to religious reasons, and would prefer an annulment. While that fight is going on, the question of how Kris is going to get his hands onto Kim’s plentiful piggy bank still lingers.

    Problem number one comes in through with the full-proof pre-nup that both Kris and Kim signed. According to TMZ, the solution to getting any kind of money leaves Kris suing Kim for emotional distress based on fraud.

    This play could be pulled, if Kris’ skills on the court this NBA season fall flat. He could claim his failed marriage distracted him from improving his game and sue her for the $3.2 million he’d have lost, if he’s cut from The Brooklyn Nets.

    Even if the judge denies Kim’s divorce petition and Kris gets the annulment though, that means he gets zero dollars since the marriage would be null and void.

    Problem number two comes in when the likelihood of Kris actually winning for emotional distress is considered. But, if he does win, it’d be a hit to Kim’s account and a boost for Kris’s pockets and pride.

    And while Kim keeps trying to reassure everyone that she really did marry Kris for love, his actions say different.

    According to RadarOnline, Kris wants to be able to tell his side of the story, but because of the confidentiality clause in the pre-nup he’s basically forbidden to say anything. 

    But if the annulment is granted, Kris will be legally freed to tell his truth. And who knows what juicy Kardashian secrets he has to tell.



    —Kylee Coney




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