Natalie Nunn blamed for reality TV ills

    “Bad Girls Club” personality Natalie Nunn defended herself against New York DJ Charlamagne, who described her as “the worst example for women.”

    “I just don’t understand why chicks like you are famous… You’re the definition of a woman who has no talent. You’re the reason that all these chicks are running to these reality shows,” he said.

    “You’re known as the loud-mouth, big-chin chick from the ‘Bad Girls Club’,” he said to the reality star, who engaged in more than one fight during her season of the Oxygen series.

    “You are the definition of b!tc# ass guy,” Natalie said in response to Charlamagne.

    Natalie, arguably the most popular alumna of the franchise, spoke about her degree from the University of Southern California earlier in the interview and was criticized for “wasting” her education by appearing on “Bad Girls Club.”

    “I was one of the stars at USC,” said Natalie, who said she was on the U.S. Olympic Soccer team.

    Charlamagne argued that she’d have done better to become a soccer coach.

    “There’s no money in women’s sports,” said Natalie, while trying to explain that her reality TV stint has helped her financially.

    “At the end of the day, I’ve been able to take the whole ‘Bad Girls Club’ brand and brand it into Natalie Nunn’s name,” she challenged. “It doesn’t matter if people want to say reality TV has talent or not, people are tuning in.”

    Although Charlamagne seemed to respect Natalie’s education, he wasn’t budging on his opinion that her “Bad Girls Club’ fame deems all that null and void.

    “Your image is forever tainted because of ‘Bad Girls Club,’ said Charlamagne.

    “I think she’s a terrible depiction of females on TV and she encourages other chicks to be basic b!tc#e$ and her story of going to college only to graduate and be on ‘Bad Girls’ is dumb as hell,” he said.

    Did Charlamagne throw a drink at Natalie? Watch more of the interview.



    —Tracy L. Scott



    What do you think? Do you agree with Charlamagne that shows like "Bad Girls Club" encourage young women to waste their education and seek stardom on reality TV?


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