‘RHOA’ recap: 12.5.11

    Someone from NeNe Leakes’ past popped up on Sunday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

    Another week, another party foul for Phaedra Parks. The lawyer went to go see her good friend Kandi Burruss to apologize for the steamy entertainment at Kandi’s 35th birthday party. It’s not that Kandi had a problem with Redickulous’ show, but her mom did.

    So, Phaedra smoothed things over with a cake before she and Kandi began joking around about his act. While they both pondered what it would be like to get down like Redickulous. They couldn’t understand why NeNe had such a problem with the display.

    Elsewhere in Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey was working the runway in a whole different  fashion. The model, who just opened up her modeling school, was hired to host a fashion show that featured some daring designs.

    Sheree Whitfield, ever the socialite, came out for the show with her BFF Ms. Lawrence in tow. Phaedra and hubby Apollo were also in attendance for the garden party-style show, but no one was buzzing about the fashion after Marlo Hampton and Charles Grant stopped by.

    The new couple raised a few questions as Sheree couldn’t quite peg where she’d seen him before or how she knew him. Well everybody knows that Phaedra’s always got the goods, so she dished that Charles was supposedly NeNe’s ex-lover. Rumor has is that NeNe and Charles hooked up while she was still with estranged husband Gregg Leakes. Scandalous!

    With all that gossip out of the way, it was time to get down to business for the women of Atlanta, and there was a lot on Cynthia’s plate. During their visit to the Bailey Agency, Cynthia confided to her mom and sister Mal that one of hubby Peter Thomas’ investors had backed out on his new lounge BarOne. 

    Ever since their wedding last year, things have been tense between Peter and Cynthia’s family. You’d be mad too if someone had tried to make off with your marriage license on your wedding day.

    Cynthia’s mom and sister were leery when she revealed that she was considering floating a few dollars Peter’s way so that he could open the nightspot. Not that he asked, but she was volunteering the cash on her own. Hey! If she wasn’t going to invest in her man, why would anyone else?

    On the topic of money, Sheree wanted to know why her ex-husband, former  NFL player Bob Whitfield, had neglected to shell out his court-ordered child support for the last four years. When it looked like he didn’t ever plan on paying up, Sheree decided to enlist Phaedra’s help. Phaedra suggests filing a motion, which could land Bob in prison, and that gives Sheree pause.

    During her one appearance this week, Kim Zolciak sat down for a little heart-to-heart with her daughter, Brielle. Her eldest daughter was a little worried that Kim would forget about her and Ariana once the new baby arrived. Kim assured her, that that would never be the case. Awww.

    And then it was time to open the doors of BarOne.

    Like with every episode, there’s always some kind of confrontation to wrap up the show. This week, what should have been an incredibly uncomfortable situation breaking into a shouting match, sort of didn’t happen.

    Why? Well Cynthia gave NeNe a heads up that Marlo and Charles would be in attendance for the lounge’s preview. So, instead of taking her big girl pill, NeNe decided to hold off on making an appearance until the last five minutes of the event.

    Crisis averted.


    —Sonya Eskridge


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