He cheated: Who do you blame?

    If your man cheats on you, who’s really at fault: him or the other woman? Here’s what you told us!

    Last night on "Love & Hip Hop," Emily Bustamente said that it’s girls like Kimbella that make it hard for good women like her. The same sentiment also popped up on "Basketball Wives: LA," when the women said groupies are the reason that so many NBA players cheat.

    Chris Rock has joked in the past that a man is only as faithful as his options. Shaquille O’Neal co-signed that argument in his book, admitting that a big part of why he cheated on ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal was that he had too many options.

    Don’t even get us started on "Cheaters"! We’ve lost count of how many times women go after the side piece instead of the man in the middle.

    From the looks of it, society tends to blame the jumpoff when a man cheats. We wondered if our fans on Facebook agreed. Your response?  A straight-up "no."

    So who’s really to blame when a man creeps? We’re glad to say that all of the women who responded placed the blame squarely where it belongs: him.

    Lahna LadiBugBronston broke it down for us like this:  "If women cheat on their man with another man, men don’t beef with men," she said. "So women need to stop beefin with women. Get on ur significant other! THEY made the commitment."

    Like many of you, Kim Bailey agreed. "His obligation was to you! He was your man, husband, he was supposed to have your back! It’s so trifling when you have a man who lies to both women so he can get what he wants," she said.

    Then Kim suggested that both of the women in the love triangle join forces to get the truth out of the man in the middle. "The tables should be turned on him…both women could set a trap and he’d be a$$ out!" Kim said. "Let the sisterhood begin….because men will go on doing what they do best!! If women respected the fact that he has a woman, wife he wouldn’t have anyone to cheat with in the first place!"

    According to you all, though, this tactic would only work if the other woman didn’t know about the main girl. In the case of women that knew he was already involved, you all voted to name both of them as the guilty parties.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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