‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 12.6.11

    Making peace was the name of the game on the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop."

    This week’s episode went a little smoother than last week, mostly because everyone was trying to just get along.

    Yet again, this week found Jim Jones telling another woman in his life that she’s got to make peace with Chrissy Lampkin. This time it was Mama Jones, who he took to task about her track, "Psychotic." Jim seemed very hurt that his mom and his girlfriend, the most important women in his life, can’t quite seem to see eye-to-eye. It actually brings him to tears!

    The man just wants peace in his home. As long as he keeps making Chrissy the priority, he just may get it! Well they may not be married, but this episode made it evident that he loves his woman. He may not want to give her half of his company, but he loves her so much he can’t contain himself.

    He loves her so much that he even shows her a little appreciation by setting up a whole Moroccan night for him and his best girl. They sat out under the stars, ate, drank, looked into each other’s eyes and…that’s it. Even though Chrissy appreciated the gesture, she was a little disappointed that it wasn’t set up for him to give her the engagement ring she’s been waiting on. A girl can dream; can’t she?!

    Meanwhile, Kimbella is also trying to bring some peace and harmony to the cast  by setting things straight with Emily Bustamante after the latest attack toast. Maybe throwing shade during a toast can become a new trend! After Emily explained that she just unleashed years of frustration on Kimbella because all of Fabolous’ other jumpoffs weren’t there, they decided to call an uncomfortable truce.

    To cement the new spirit of togetherness, Kimbella sets up a girls’ night and lured Emily there by having Somaya Reece invite her.

    As Kimbella was hatching her plan, Olivia was fed yet another slice of humble pie! During a meeting with one label, an A&R rep let Olivia know that "December" wasn’t as hot as she thought it was. It didn’t make that impressive of a showing at all!  But when the label rep tried to give Olivia some pointers on how she might salvage her thrice-failed singing career, she was a little offended!

    Thankfully, Yandy Smith sat Olivia down to help put things in perspective for the singer, with such a high opinion of herself. Olivia might not like what the label exec had to say, but he was giving her some help! It would behoove her to take his advice to heart.

    All Jim’s mom might need is spellcheck! Her T-shirts were all jacked up with the  phrase "phsychotic" instead of "psychotic." Ah well, at least she and Chrissy could laugh about it.

    That might have been just what Chirissy needed before she went to Kimbella’s girls’ night, which of course involved strippers!  When she walked in, all she saw was Emily being set upon by exotic dancers and Kimbella looking for an apology.

    Kimbella, whose hair caught on fire earlier in the evening, was determined to get an "I’m sorry" from her assailant…but she never got it.



    —Sonya Eskridge



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