Peter Thomas gets sister-in-law’s gripe

    Peter Thomas isn’t the biggest fan of his sister-in-law Malorie Bailey Massie, but he understands why his wife’s sister is protective of her.

    “I think Mal and Cynthia [Bailey] … they’re real tight. It was the two of them forever, and I think what it is is a jealousy thing. I think Mal has never witnessed Cynthia being with anyone that has such a strong personality as I do. So, she just wants to make sure that she’s looking out for her sister’s well-being,” Peter told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown.

    Proving that his grey hairs are a sign of true maturity, Peter doesn’t take Mal’s dislike for him too personally because she doesn’t know him all that well.

    “She really don’t know me. She don’t know about me. She don’t know my background,” he said. “Off the cuff, she didn’t know me. She know her sister worked really hard over the last 20-plus years to have what she has and she wants to make sure she don’t get hustled.”

    Mal is so worried about her sister that she’s broken down in tears several times on the show after Cynthia has defended Peter or even mentioned lending Peter money. Cynthia did lose the investment she made in one of Peter’s previous business ventures, but as his wife, she intends to have his back, even if that means digging into her purse.

    While Peter understands Mal’s concern, he thinks she could work on her delivery, and, of course, trying to hide the couple’s marriage certificate just hours before the wedding didn’t help.

    “She just came at me the wrong way most of the time,” he said, warning Mal to pay attention to her own marriage.

    “Go be with your husband … good-looking dude. If I were you, I wouldn’t let him out of my sight,” he said.

    Watch Peter talk about Mal below.


    Cynthia talks about Redickulous and Wendy Williams. Watch.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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