Denise Vasi excited about ‘Single Ladies’

    Landing the new role in the VH1 series “Single Ladies” did not come easy for Denise Vasi.

    “A casting sheet went out and I went in and read the first time and I was lucky enough to come back again and read a second time. Then I read in New York and I read one more time in LA. We had a few work sessions and then I screen-tested,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

    Although the auditions were rigorous, Denise enjoyed the process to land the role of Raquel and was excited to do her screen test with LisaRaye McCoy, who plays Keisha on the show.

    Denise will be working alongside LisaRaye a lot in season 2 because Raquel has been a friend of Keisha’s for years, and that is how she is revealed to the audience. So, it’s no wonder that casting directors took their time to ensure they were bringing the right person in to join an already solid cast.

    “When you see a network take so much time and they’re really specific, you know that they care about the show and it makes you wanna get the job even more because you know they appreciate who their audience is and what they’re looking for,” Denise told EW.

    Denise and the rest of the cast are set to start taping season 2 in the beginning of the new year. The new addition is looking forward to experiencing a different location for the four months “Single Ladies” is taped.  She’s heard many good things about Atlanta and can’t wait to begin her new journey.

    She recently tweeted, “Im very excited to join the cast of ‘Single Ladies’ as the character of ‘Raquel’ and happy to be part of the Vh1 family.”



    —Gianna Banner



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