Angelea Preston disqualified from ‘ANTM’

    After weeks of watching size 2 contestants battle it out for the hopes of becoming the first-ever “America’s Next Top Model” All-Star, viewers were shocked at last night’s finale in which favorite Angelea Preston was disqualified.

    "After production wrapped on the current cycle of ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ we learned information that made Angelea ineligible and she was subsequently disqualified from the competition. As a result, new scenes were filmed to address this for the audience during the finale," read a statement released by the CW.

    Angelea became a Twitter trending topic when in the last few minutes of the two-part finale, Tyra Banks and her panel of judges announced that Angelea would not be considered in the final deliberations.

    The previous scene showed Angelea, with fellow finalists Lisa D’Amato and Allison Harvard, backstage at their final challenge, a fashion show in which they had to fly on wires.

    It seemed Angelea had a good chance at winning, but it was Lisa who took home the title.

    However, there’s speculation that maybe Angelea was the original winner. During the final panel, the judges were back in L.A., not Greece, where the challenge was recorded. The scene had to be reshot. If Lisa or Allison had been deemed the winner, would that have been necessary?

    That would also explain why the normally boisterous Lisa was almost melancholy upon learning she was the winner.

    Those close to the show aren’t talking about what happened. When asked for comment, one person told Sister 2 Sister, “The show has put tape over my mouth.”

    Another said, “It’s not a good thing to be publicized," adding, "I don’t want to be responsible for that info getting out."

    While some suggest that Angelea’s disqualification was a result of her breaking the network’s disclosure agreement and announcing that she’d won before it was revealed on the show, the insiders’ comments suggest there’s more to the story.

    Angelea, whose Twitter page reads “I’M AN ALL STAR!!!” at the top, hasn’t had much to say at all, but she took to Twitter last night after noting she was a worldwide topic.


    Watch as Tyra tries to explain what happened to Angelea.


    —Tracy L. Scott



    What do you think? Why was Angelea disqualified? Will you tune in to "ANTM" next season, or are you frustrated and done? Leave your comments below.



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