Monica: ‘We’re dedicated to the commitment’

    Newlywed Monica Brown is enjoying life as a wife, mother and established R&B artist.

    The singer, whose New Life album will be available in early 2012, recently sat down with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown to discuss her “unbelievable” relationship with NBA star and hubby Shannon Brown.

    She also explains why they exchanged marriage vows twice in one year.

    Read the excerpt and get more in the January 2012 issue.


    Jamie: That was a blessing. God was like, “I love me some Monica,” so he blessed you with that.
    Monica: Yeah, my mother always says, “I think you met enough of His challenges that He blesses you in the ways that He sees fit, and He knew that it was time.” She always tells me, “Your heart was ready. Your mind was ready. And your family was ready.” Because we all became one family. Like, it’s unbelievable. We don’t have any bickering or cackling back and forth. All the aunts are close. My mom and his mom are best buddies now. They hang out. They go out to eat. They shop. And before the wedding, we were having to put out, like, APBs on them every day.

    Jamie: [laughs]
    Monica: These two would be gone, and I’m like, “Do I need to start calling in shoe stores and stuff like that and track these women down?” They have their own relationship … I think we’re lucky—both of us—to have parents that are true believers that uplift us and teach us and help keep us in our place, too, because every now and then you just need it.

    Jamie: Right. And you know, marriage is important. That commitment to that person and to God is very, very important, and I think we’ve lost that. So this will be a good teaching for my readers. I want them to hear all this.
    Monica: Well, you know, people always ask us about the day, but to me, I look at our marriage as something that will have my undivided attention and love for a lifetime. The day was beautiful. Yes, it was. And some people even thought we had two weddings. We didn’t, Miss Jamie. We did it justice of the peace style because he was in the season, and the fellows were working hard on the three-peat. And, you know, some of his best friends are his teammates. So you don’t want to pull people out of that to try and do a wedding during the season.

    Jamie: Mm-hmm.
    Monica: But we did want to be man and wife. So we did our justice of the peace thing.

    Jamie: Right.
    Monica: And then we had a wedding, and we were able to celebrate with all the family, all the friends, everybody that we loved, that supported us, you know, and go from there. So like I say, we’re dedicated to the commitment. We’re dedicated by marriage. But most of all, we’re dedicated by kids and family. So it’s just the beginning. But thank you for being so supportive. Even before I got to this point, you were always like that. So I’m like, we got to figure this out and make sure we talk to Miss Jamie before this day is out.

    Jamie: [laughs]
    Monica: I just had so much going on.

    What was it about her hubby that first attracted Monica to him? Find out in the January 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



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