‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 12.9.11

    Tamar one-liner: That’s not my fault!

    Who knew Mama Braxton had bagged herself a doctor?! The Braxton matriarch let it slip that she’d done quite well for herself in the dating world, and her girls immediately wanted to know everything there was to know about her beau.

    That included whether or not he pays for dates—which, of course, he does! That was good news to Towanda! "We know he’s rich, and now we know he’s not cheap,"  Towanda said.

    Trina, on the other hand, was busy trying to get a mental picture of her mom’s new man. "Does he have all his teeth?" Trina asked.

    When Trina and Towanda had found all they wanted to know. The next question was whether they’d get to meet him. They suggested that Mommy hold a cookout to introduce him to the family, and Evelyn wasted no time vetoing that idea.

    "I’m not going to subject this man to all my girls," she said. "He would run for the hills."

    Over in Los Angeles, the other Braxton girls were talking about Toni’s upcoming show. That’s when Toni hit Traci with an offer she could not refuse: a chance to perform onstage!

    Toni also decided to see what she could do about getting Towanda to achieve her dream of being an actress. Yes, the woman can sing, but Towanda wants to do something a little more dramatic.

    Towanda is so confident in her abilities that she feels there’s at least a few supporting roles she could snag, and that’s just based on her life experience!

    Later that day, Toni went out to dinner with her mom to ask her own questions about Evelyn’s boo, now known as Doc. Toni had a few non-traditional dating tips for Mommy, including moving in with her man before they jump the broom.

    Evelyn, on the other hand, couldn’t disagree more.

    Elsewhere, Tamar was reenacting Debbie Allen’s iconic scene from "Fame." All we’ve gotta say is HotMess.com.


    Evelyn’s not ready for a serious commitment, but Doc is. When people in a couple want two different things, it’s not going to work, so Evelyn had to give Doc a break.

    Her girls couldn’t believe it!

    After their interrogation, it was time for Toni’s show in Indianapolis. Had Tamar joined her sisters onstage, it could have been a nice pre-cursor to the Braxtons album they’ve been talking about since last season. Just a thought!

    The crowd was happy to see Traci onstage. Fans of the show know how much she wanted her piece of the spotlight, but she had a little trouble with all of the attention.

    Traci wasn’t confident that she had all the moves down, and at one point she cracked under the pressure and walked off the stage during the middle of the show! Very unprofessional.

    After a little encouragment  from her big sister Toni, though, she took another shot at the doo-wop-pop-pop thing and nailed it!


    —Sonya Eskridge



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