‘RHOA’ recap: 12.12.11

    NeNe Leakes mixed business with pleasure while Kim Zolciak gave birth on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

    Kim had one job and one job only this week: pop out a baby.

    We still can’t understand why it is that everyone was running around saying that Kim’s about to be a mom. The woman’s already got two kids! Her now-hubby Kroy Biermann, on the other hand, was about to become a dad for the first time.

    Most men would be a nervous wreck at a time like this, but apparently Kroy kept all of his panic on the inside. Kim, who was busy having a baby, was a little snappy with her man, but at least she warned him that she was going to be cranky.

    Childbirth or not, however, Kim was going to keep her wig on. She even had a spare. But after all of the huffing and puffing, pushing and cussing, Kim was finally able to give her firstborn son his big TV debut. Kroy Biermann Jr.’s first moments of life were broadcast for the world to see as he was welcomed into the "RHOA" family.

    Unfortunately, Sheree Whitfiled’s family situation isn’t as warm. She was still contemplating how to get her ex-husband Bob to fork over his court-ordered child support.

    Her struggle with Bob was made all the more heartbreaking when Sheree revealed that she has her own daddy issues. There seems to be a cycle of abandonment in her family.

    The socialite shared that after her own father left, she only ever really saw him on Christmas. As a child she didn’t require much of her father: just his time, his love and a Speak and Spell toy. Sadly, even though he promised countless times to get his little girl the toy, it never came. 

    It’s a hurt that still deeply effects Sheree to this day, and she’s hoping that her kids can break the generational curse by heading up loving, involved, two-parent homes.

    Just as she’s drying her eyes from that dismal trip down memory lane, Bob slams her with a request to modify his child support payments. According to court documents he states that he only makes about $3,000 a month. Sheree’s not buying that excuse. Neither are we, to be honest!

    Looks like she may have to haul him into court.

    Since we’re on the subject of court, we finally got to see Phaedra Parks in action! We know she’s got a law firm, but it’s rare that we’ve gotten to see her working in court on the show.

    How’d she do? Let’s just say that if we ever get in trouble, we’re going to need Phaedra on our legal team! She was able to save her client from a jail sentence after he showed up to court high and lied to the judge!!! First of all: Who does that? Second: You betta work, Phaedra!

    We hope those skills come in handy when Sheree takes Bob to court.

    Fortunately, things weren’t quite as complicated for Cynthia Bailey, who took a business trip to New York. She returned to the city that birthed her modeling career to see if she might be able to work with her ex-boyfriend Russell Simmons.

    We’re not really sure if they hammered out a deal, but they seemed to have fun catching up. And he gave Cynthia a good idea for her new business: Instead of calling it a modeling school, Russell suggested calling it the Bailey Agency School of Fashion, since Cynthia won’t just be focusing on modeling.

    Russell knows a thing or two about models since he’s dated so many of them—he even married one! Savvy businessman that he is, Russell credits his preferences to two things. "I’m insecure, and I like pretty women," he admitted before hitting Cynthia with a few compliments. Apparently, he’s still so struck by her beauty that he’d consider asking her out if she were single (and we all know Russell like ‘em young!).

    While in New York, she meets up with NeNe, who is also in town on some business. Or so she thought! After the ladies coordinate some plans together and catch up in Cynthia’s hotel room, NeNe’s off to discuss some money making ventures with John Kolaj of Famous Famiglia.

    NeNe thought she was meeting up with John Kolaj for a business meeting, but he had other plans for her. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but she was not prepared for how hard John would try to impress her.

    Their meeting was looking like a bad date at first—like a Two Can Play That Game bad date. He wanted her to do some catch phrases, he was hitting on her like there was no tomorrow, and it was all coming off so lame.

    But then he chilled out and presented her with a pen from Tiffany’s that she could sign their first business deal with.
    Well, John didn’t cool it for long. During dessert her laid it on extra-thick by gifting her with pair of strappy gold Louboutin sandals. Then he brought a singer to serenade her! There were even a few tears shed—and not by NeNe.
    John did it big for the first date…err…business meeting. By the end of the night, he’d wore her down, and she resignedly said, "You gotta love John."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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